Freelancer job:

photography is something for me and i am looking for some freelancer job related to photography
if any one know how i can earn and get project related to this field let me know :)
thanks to all :)

I guess to work as a freelance photographer, you have to find engagements.
Maybe you can advertise your services, or contract people who might need them.
Good luck!

Hi Arsalan Javed,

I wish you a wonderful day.
I recommend you get in contact with a place in weibdeh called "darat al tasweer" translates into something like "the place of photography" the owner is a well known photographer and such a nice lady, nothing related to photography in Amman passes her by, she will surely either give you something directly or point you the right direction.

Good Luck.


ooh looks like u are currently in Malaysia, sorry I thought you were in Jordan, the reference I mentioned is in Jordan.

However, you can still try freelancing with or

They both buy photographs from both professional and amateur photographers allover the world.

Good luck again.


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