Another 1 month Rental Question.....

But a little more specific then the last one, thought I would start a new thread instead of Hijacking axc123's conversation.

My Wife and I (and our 2 cats) will be moving down in Feb-March.  We are in the Processes of Booking a 1 month Rental for our appartment hunt.  We have already decided on the East Side.  There are 2 AirBnB in our Price range for the Monthly Rental, and just wanted peoples thoughts, are Area for Each.  One is At Dos Marinas in Fajardo (we actually drove by there on our last visit so at least familiar with where it is). and the other is, Condo Vista Real also in Fajardo.  other then 17 good reviews on AirBnB I don't know much about this location or Condo complex.  Both complex's have Long term Rentals listed on clasificadosonline so they are both interesting to us as long term Rentals as well.

SO any advice on either of these locations, OR any Reccomendations on 1 month stays on the East side would be Great. 

Last, whats the consensis on finding a long term rental, in 1 month, (that takes pets), enough time or not enough time?

Thanks in Advice.

Mike & Mary

Hello, Mike and Mary. One month's time is possibly enough if you're lucky with the word-of-mouth method (PR's most used method) but don't be surprised if it takes two. Things can move very slowly for no apparent reason.

It is frustrating that doesn't seem to remove out of date ads, so it's hard to know what the current inventory is.

Yes very frustrating when you call and somebody yells, It been sold and hangs up because they are tired of all the calls.

PM me the links for the two places and I will peek at them and their location. Also get a hold of BearNVa they live in an apartment in Fajardo and may be familiar with the specific community where the 2 AirBnb are.

Well there is something to look forward to during my Apartment Search.

I can check around in our complex to see if there are any m 2 m rentals... I think there are just don't know where or how much.

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