Schools in Naivasha

Hello, we are planning a year traveling/working in Kenya, homebase Naivasha.

We're a dutch couple with a 9 years old son. (Me, hr-manager, my wife, career coach for deaf people and people with hearing impairments)

We checked the internet for schools in Naivasha and find some.

Is someone familiar with international schools in Naivasha?

(Dutch people into the flower-business with young kids?)

We know there is a Dutch school in Karen but Nairobi is no option.....

Best regards,

Boj en Heleen

Probably the best school in the area is Pembroke House at Gilgil.   Lots of expats in the area send their children there.  It's arguably one of the best schools in Kenya.  However, the fees are also high.

There isn't an international school (that Iam aware of) in Naivasha itself.

There is also Greensteds International School, towards Nakuru. I don't know what it's like though.

Regarding your working plans.......have you familiarised yourselves with the legal aspect; work permit requirements and so on?

Thanks so much for your answers! We checked out the rates for Pembroke, quite expensive.  We will stay a year on a tourist-visum (visum run in Tanzania) and are not planning to work. We are now saving al lot of money every month so we can travel a year in Kenya.  (In half a year or so) A few years ago we went to Naivasha and decided it is a good place to stay for doing trips and having our son on primary school.


Hello,  You cannot stay in Kenya for more than 6 months on a tourist visa.  The visa is valid for an initial 3 months, then you have to apply for renewal.  At 6 months, you are expected to leave the country, but you also must leave the East African Community - so going to Tanzania and returning is not a solution, unfortunately.   You would have to travel somewhere such as Addis Ababa, stay two or three days, then re-enter Kenya. 

Occasionally, people have reported problems in doing this, when the Kenyan authorities suspect that you have crossed to Ethiopia to renew your visa.  In these cases, travellers have been allowed re-entry to Kenya for one further month only!

Thank you very much for the advise about visa extensions

Last week I called the Embassey in The Hague abour visa extensions in Kenya. They told me to do the first extension (just before 3 months) at the immigration-office in Nairobi to secure the first 6 month.

And then: " visit Arusha or Zanzibar for a week and return for another 3 months, sometimes in on go for 6 months!"

I will contact them  tomorrow with the same question, curious about the answer :) 

I will figure it out, it's important for us because of appointments with the dutch attendance officer.
(they probably will have the obligation for 1 year education at primary school)

Thanks so far!

The advice that you have been given is bad advice as you must leave both Kenya and the EAC (Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan).  Addis is the nearest alternative destination to fly to.   Once you re-enter Kenya - better to spend a week or so away - the visa cycle begins again, so potentially you have another 6 months.

Kenyan immigration have become very aware of the 'visa run', as many many expats have been doing it for years, rather than apply for proper residence status.  They don't like it and particularly if you re-enter Kenya too quickly you are may not be granted a further 3 months. 

On entering Kenya, an entry permit is stamped in your passport and the immigration officer writes on it how long you are permitted to stay.  It is usually 3 months, but the immigration officer can reduce this, if s/he feels that there is a reason.  In the past I have been given as little as a month.

I read on one of your other posts that you want to do volunteer work.  Please be aware that this is illegal on a visitors visa, so by doing voluntary work you run the risk of being arrested, having your visa cancelled and you being deported.  People do volunteer on visitors visas, but you need to be very very careful and don't assume that you won't get found out.

Please understand that I am not trying to undermine your plans.  However, it's important to be aware of these things at the stage of planning.

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