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Looking for Kikuyu language lessons in an informal setting once or twice a week.

Hello, have you tried sites like OLX? Alternatively, you can check the notice boards at places like Sarit Centre (assume you are in Nairobi).

Incidentally, my wife of almost 19 years is Kikuyu. She and her friends have always maintained that Swahili is the better language to learn. Many of the younger generation (teens, twenties) don't speak Kikuyu, as it's not 'cool', or whatever. However Swahili is far more universally spoken and understood.  I have a very poor 'ear' for languages and an ashamed to say that I know very little Kikuyu and my Swahili isn't too good either.

why cant you learn Swahili with a professional expert tutor? call xxxfor sessions

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I might know someone who is quite good and is a native of the language if you still want to learn it.

hello Richard, I am interested to know why that specific choice of language?...all the same, I am willing to help you read, write and in pronunciation if you would be willing to practice French with me too! I have been doing it for quite some time now.

can help you with basic kikuyu thru conversation  if you willing

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Whether you wish to learn or tutor somebody language classes, please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the site :

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