Dog sitter needed

Hey all, I'm looking for a dog sitter for my sweet little French bulldog. I play professional volleyball and maybe 1-2 nights every two weeks we'll travel for games and she'll need a sitter. I live in Yesilkoy but I prefer someone who can either sleep at my place or can have my dog at theirs. Thanks!

hello, what kind of dog do you have ? does it bite to other people ? and do you have enough food for it ?

Hi there, we are Native English couple living in İstanbul. We currently have a Pomeranian spitz and love dogs. We are happy to look after your fog for you.

Oh if I saw this add before!

I am Izabel from Brasil and I'm looking for a job that I don't need to speak too much turkish.And it is hard to find it.
I speak a nice english, but I am going back to next 20th of september.

If it's ok while you are looking for someone better, I could help you.

Hi there. Are you still looking for someone who will take care of your dog? I am also a dog lover as well and have an adorable miniature pinscher in my homeland.

Thank you!



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