Travelling with your pets from Turkey to EU Countries

Greetings to all ,
I just became a member of this community and would like to share pet related issues that many expat's may find handy.
One of the biggest problem is bringing your pet to any of the EU countries from Turkey . There are some and STRICT rules you have to fill out before making any plan.
1- Your dog/cat needs to be vaccinated against Rabies
2- There is a test called Rabies Titer test which indicates whether the pet is protected against Rabies diseases with the vaccination. This test is a requirement for all EU countries. Test can be done 1 month after the Rabies vaccine is given.If your pet vaccianted against Rabies just let's say last week , you need to wait at least a month after the day of vacciantion  before this test can be done.Tests can only be performed by EU recognized laboratories.We have a state lab in Ankara which is recognized by the EU states.
3-Rabies titer test is run on a blood sample taken from your pet by your veterinarian.
4-The pet also needed to be microchipped with an EU accepted microchip which will assist to recognize your pet.
5-You need to wait at least 3 months before you can travel to any EU countries after the day of the Rabies Titer Test results are reported.
6-After all ,you need to take your pet to a veterinarian to get a health report indicating that the pet has no conditions that can be transmitted to other animals and humans and have no conditions that prevent air travelling.
7-Also , you need to go to the state veterinary office three days before your travel to get the paper works done.

Now you are ready to travel with your pet(s) to EU country . Good luck .Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding this or any other pet health related issues.

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do we need to bring the dog at the goverment office or only documents?



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