IND deadline postponed

Hi everyone  :) ,

My boyfriend has applied on 26/06/2017.
A week later they have asked some complementary document about his income (wich officially it is not required).
In one more week we got a information till 22/09 we would riceve our answer.
The IND has forgot to send us the payment bill, then my boyfriend has called them asking for it and at same day they sent it to his address. In two days he got the payment.  From  27/07 we had no information about our process.
I have asked my boyfriend to call IND and maybe get some informations but the lady just has said something like why did you call if you know it is in process?.
Yesterday 22/08, my boyfriend received a letter where they say he has forgotten to fill an information about me (they mention which paper it is) and they have postponed the deadline to 20/10.
Is it possible to do a complain? I mean, they don't check all the documents before they say something is missing,  because when they have asked more documents about his income they should mention this one as well and also they completely forgot to send us the payment. These things doesn't sounds right to me.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Yes, you can complain; this link will take you to the IND website section that deals with how to do this.

However, as the IND has already advised you, it is in the process; almost certainly along with many hundreds/thousands of other applications received during the busy Bouwvak holiday season when staffing will be lower than normal.  When an application is received, it is passed through several processes and I suspect the income question came indirectly from UWV who are a part of the process, but a different Government department.

I suspect that yours sat in the pile until 22 August, when somebody actually checked it and found they needed some more information and have extended your deadline accordingly.

Frustrating, but welcome to Dutch officialdom. :)

Thanks dear,
I guess you are right. And yes it is very frustrating. It is an stupid paper to fill our whole name, date of birthday our gender and his signature. They say it wasn't complete. We have checked these papers a lot before hand them over. Anyway...

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