How to solve slow internet problem in Bali

At home (Bali) I have a Telkom landline internet. I pay for 2 Mb/sec. Internet speed measured with Ookla app usually shows I have 2.5 Mb/sec. But loading of almost all pages is excruciatingly slow. From searching on the internet I think the reason is because Telkom highjacks DNS, so all DNS requests have to go through their servers and they simply cannot cope.

So, what would be a good alternative? As far as I know there is no fiber where I live. Landline or wireless solutions are possible.

Thanks for you helpful info.

We're using Indyhome 20 MBPS, but no idea what is available in Bali. 2 or 2.5 MBPS seems pretty slow anyway.

Indihome is fiber I think. THere is no fiber in my street as far as I know. Many months ago I registred with Indihome for fiber. They wanted to know my mobile number such that the engineer could call me when they came to install. I never got a call.

which part of Bali do you live

I live in Kesiman-Kertalangu. Approx. 6 km from Sanur

@MarcDeSmetBE, yes that's a very slow connection.
how much you pay for that connection /month?

if i can suggest you to use hotspot modem 4G which has around 20mbps.
My parent house is in Jalan Seroja not to far from you, im using simcard 3(tri) & Indosat IM3, and the result way much better. and i paid 100k for 22 - 30GB data.

My experience is the internet here in Bali is extremely variable even with a fibre connection - sometimes it flies, other times slows to a crawl or drops totally.
My fall back is to use my mobile phone as a hotspot - decent speed, quite reliable and cheap to buy internet mobile top up.

That sounds like a very good advice. I will try that. Can you top up the tri sim card with PC banking? Or is it cheaper to buy a new tri sim card when the data is used up?

Thanks a lot

to Richparkie.

Also good advice I think, but I will try Gede's suggestion and buy a 3G/4G modem and a tri card. I hope reception where I live will be good enough.


MarcDeSmetBE :

That sounds like a very good advice. I will try that. Can you top up the tri sim card with PC banking? Or is it cheaper to buy a new tri sim card when the data is used up?

Thanks a lot

They do an 'always on' card that has no monthly quota so you don't have to worry about it running out or being lost if you load it up too much or too little. You pay Rp50,000/year for the card but save a lot more than that small cost.
Put credit on your number at an ATM or in any Alfa or indo mini mart then use their site to add data.
If you're using their system to access the internet it puts you onto the right page automatically.
The site is really easy to use but their coverage isn't as good as some other providers. Unlike at least one provider that I had a 2gb/month contract with, they don't lie and cheat as I now use half the data I used to use with the other provider but I use a lot more data than ever before.
That 2gb per month has turned into only 1gb but the phone gets used a lot more, a very lot more.
Yep, the other provider were scamming me but I can't name them now I've told you.

Very easy and no messing about.

First Media have recently launched in Batam I’ve used them for the last 2months or so.
I have been averaging 25mbps occasionally 30mbps unlimited internet plus a smart box with very similar package to  indovision, movies, sports, documentaries, news channels etc and most are in HD monthly payment of Rp244,000

I use nuviz wifi of which cost me for the basic package 1.1mil per mth as I play the stockmarkets. the other cost involved is the purchase and installation of the tower at about 1.8mil.
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