Renters Public Liability Insurance

Has anyone had to purchase public liability renters insurance? Landlord is asking for 300k minimum. Any info appreciated. Thanks!

I only heard of a few cases like that where you are required basically to have liability insurance. The property belongs to the Landlord, he should make the place as safe as possible and maintain it in proper order and carry full coverage other than your possessions which you would carry.

I think that is unnecessary, but listen to others here, many are renting.

Bring that question to the FB group, there are a lot of renters there.

Is this residential or commercial property?   If simply residential, I'd walk away.

Yeah it's a residential property. I'd walk away but this has all been such a hassle. Contracts out here are ridiculous and some we were willing to give first month and deposit over 15 days prior to moving in and realtors are just dragging their feet. I called seguros múltiples and they quoted me $146 a year which dosent seem bad, no other details though.

My landlord did not require it. Landlord insurance only covers his/hers property and not yours.

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