Employment Visa validity

Hi Everyone
I am got a job in Muscat with a reputed Bank. I got Labour Clearance and my Visa is under process.
I checked the Visa website and it is mentioned that employment Visa is only valid for 3 months and can be extended. 
-Now till what period it can be extended?
- Is there any way to get long term work Visa for say 2-3 years ?
- and will I have to undergo a Medical test every time when Visa is extended ?


and is it necessary to get GCC medical certificate attested by Ministry of Health ?

Hi shubhamcsa,

I am not sure which website you have checked, but just for your information, an employment visa comes with a validity period of 2-years.

Hi Sumitran
Thanks so much for the information. I was going through the website of royal oman police.
I guess initially its valid for 3 months and one has to join before that.

anyways thanks so much

Hi shubhamcsa,

There are two separate validity periods to be considered with regards to an employment visa :

(1) Once issued, the employment visa would be valid for a period of 3-months, before which the person on whose name the visa has been issued must enter the Sultanate.

(2) The employment visa would be valid for a period of 2-years. So the same would have to be renewed once every two years.

The visa is mentioned 3 months validity, means you have entered before the expiry date after you enter here the visa is valid for two years.

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