Moving to northern Ireland

I currently live in the UK with my partner,three dogs and a five foot fish tank.

We decided we wanted to move house a year ago as my partner is an asthmatic and he breathes easier in the countryside. I am hoping that we can find a decent rural/semi rural detached house/bungalow with outbuildings and a good plot of land.

I will have to commute back to my job in England unless l find work more locally.

We found even with a decent amount of equity in our house we have now that we can't find what we want in the UK unless we have a huge mortgage.something l don't really want now.
A lot of the places we see even on our limited budget would mean us being mortgage free and we don't know if we will buy a doer upper or a walk in ready to go house yet.

Any help or tips would be so useful and gratefully received

Hi there..
so it means u will be w
living in England and ur partner will be living in Ireland????
Is it possible to stay like this in Ireland?

I will be staying in England for four days doing my job then traveling back for my four days off.
Obviously if l find work closer to home l will move jobs but need to keep my job atm

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