Driving License

Hi every one,,

          I have valid UAE driving licence as well i have valid UAE & BAHRAIN employment visa.
Can any body tell me if i go for Bahraini driving licence then they will keep my UAE licence ????
Because i am traveling UAE to Bahrain and Bahrain to Uae every 2 months.


:cheers:  Hi just provide them color copies of your UAE driving license and your Visa copies including UAE visa ,
The rule saying they will hold your uae license but if you explain them your current situation , they will not hold uae driving license . Couple of months back Same incident happened with one of our heavy driver and they issued him bahrain driving license without any question.  it depends how u put your situation there or just show your license and put it back after attaching color copies .


As far as i know if your covering your UAE license to Bahrain one, then they keep the UAE license with them. You can visit the Isa town traffic directorate and seek more information if required.


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