looking for a African grey parrot... in india

is there any african grey parrot to adopt please let me know

sendhilindia :

is there any african grey parrot to adopt please let me know

Since you've used the word ''adopt'', I'm not sure whether you want the parrot as a house pet or just want to ''adopt'' it by taking care of it's welfare.

Most zoos in India allow animal lovers to 'adopt' their favourite animals by paying for their maintenance and welfare. Not sure what privileges they may allow you to have if you adopt an animal/bird that way. It seems quite popular among animal lovers though!

If that's what you mean, you can directly get in touch with the zoos and discuss it in details.
For example: Alipore Zoo - Calcutta 
I can see, as per their website, their Grey Parrot hasn't yet been 'adopted'.

If you are looking for a house pet, you better search on local online portals (clickIndia, locanto, olx etc.).

Just be sure it's legal in India to keep a Grey Parrot as house pet. There are conflicting reports on that.

As per a CITES update in Jan 2017, Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus ) is now enlisted in Appendix-1 of their checklist.
CITES prohibits international trades in endangered species, especially those enlisted in Appx-1 (critically endangered).

- Global-trade-of-wild-african-grey-parrots-banned
- CITES checklist of species -- search for Grey Parrot.

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