Planning to move to Myanmar for work

Hello everyone!

Well, my name's Arosha and I originate from Sri Lanka. I am 30 years of Age and am single. I love to travel, watch movies, try out local cuisine (even though I can be a bit picky. LOL), Learn of culture etc.

I have recently accepted an offer to work in Myanmar and will be flying there by the beginning of October 2017. I will be based in Yangon.

I've gone through various posts and threads, in this forum and they are surely informative and helpful. However,  I would much appreciate it; if someone would be able to help me out with me "updated" information on the below:

1. Mobile and Internet (Prices and connection options)

2. Travel and lifestyle (Costs and recommendations)

3. Tips for shopping (Groceries, clothing etc)

4. Do's and don't's while in Myanmar  (Cultural, Political, Ethical etc)

5. Whatever I need to know,  when moving to Myanmar

I know that; it's a lot to ask. LOL. But, any updated information on the above or on anything that I have missed (and should know) would be of great value to me.

PS: Also please free to connect with me, though this forum; as I have very less to no friends over there in Myanmar.

Best Regards,

Following this post for answers..very relevant question and helpful post once we get answers :)

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