i would like to have a motorcycle trike in the dr. does anyone have any knowledge if there are trikes available to purchase or would it be necessary to ship one from the usa

yes they are available
   http://m.supercarros.com/motores/motoci … provincia/

I've been looking for a UTV side by side and found a website that many dealers in Santo Domingo list their new and used inventory. It's supercarros.com. The prices are high but when you add in the freight, duties and taxes they shake out about the same.

Thanks much!

Hi Folks, once again for the website for motorcycles and RTV,ATV very helpful. Another question I have noticed some locals have plates on their scooters and also many not.  Will I need to have my RTV registered and insured? Must I be a resident?

Hopefully someone can answer you in more detail but as far as I know a nonresident can register and insure a vehicle. I know of those who have done so. If you overstay your 30 day tourist visa you could have a hard time collecting on a claim however. As far as the plates go, motor vehicle laws are rarely enforced.

Once again you have been very helpful. What is your name ? My name is Mark

If you want, you just go and buy a moto or pasola, give them the money and drive away. They don't ask, don't care if you just a tourist, or the president's son, or care if you have a hemut, or text while driving, or drink while driving, or anything else.  Just keep the ownership papers in case the cops ever stop you, and that's all. And if you have your gf on the back and a couple of kids on the handlebars, no problem, nobody cares.

Please disregard this. As a GRINGO  you need to do it according to the law. You will be a target for AMET and will pay lots of fines.  Do it RIGHT.

Thank you everyone for your input

You have to admit thecolonel is funny...at least the way he words things Crack me up.😃😄😅

Absolutely true,  he is entertaining sometimes......

Funny?  For the past three years I have been doing just what I said above.  Walked into the dealership, laid out cash,  drove away.  No licence plates.  It takes months for them to process them, so you just drive around with no plates, texting with one hand, beer in the other, kid on the handlbars, pig strapped behind you.

Good for you.  NOT A GOOD thing to teach newbies my friend!   

Yes lets encourage everyone to  ignore the law, violate the law and then deal with the consequences.

Our policy here - WE FOLLOW THE LAW, we encourage following the law.

It sounds like if I have my Can-Am Spyder shipped in that it will take a while before I get DR plates. Some really good info on here from many really good (and in some cases humorous) folks. That goes back to my earlier question of whether you folks get together at some point during the year.....it would awesome to meet as many as possible in person.....

Well we do get together. SO - are you organizing the next get together?????

Thecolonel is a humorous man..cracks me up..and I don't laugh easy...I've seen pictures of what he was saying..it made it that much funnier.....if that get together ever materializes I'll be sure to go... just to meet him....😂

Not having been there as yet, no. But it would be great to meet some folks while there and yes, in the future, I would/will be more than interested in doing so....

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