2 bedroom Flats/Villa Recommendation in Abudhabi

I am currently located in Kuwait but will be shifting to Abu Dhabi in a couple of months. My office is located in Masdar City and most probably my son will be going to one of the schools in Mussafah area.
Can you suggest good locality where there will be lots of kids to play with, swimming, football and easy distance from school and work?
Appreciate all your suggestions..

Dear ...
Near Masdar .. many options are their .. you can consider :
- Mussafah
- Khalifa City A
- Mohammed Bin Zayed city MBZ
- Rihanna Area
its all depend  on your budget .
You can check :
Good luck

Hi Fadigari,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Any suggestions and how to go about the search itself. Should i contact real estate agents or online classifieds?
Appreciate your help.

Hello Dear ...
It will be hard to look for something while away . ill advice you look when you come to AUH . I believe most of companies will give 2 week in a hotel . then you can look . wether through the agent or online .
but you need to identify your budget and preferred locations .

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