finish masters and work in australia

hello i'm a tunisian student  i want to finish masters and work in australia how to proceed please

First you will need a student visa.  Check this website for details

As a student you can only work part time and must be able to have funds to cover all costs including course fees, medical insurance, accommodation, food, transport, etc.

Nice idea, an idea shared by milions of students... 

No jobs in Australia if no networking and no proper working visa though...

But keep in mind that Australia is very expensive...



Hi anasjlassi,

Stumpy was right, you may want to start at getting visa so check the link he provided.

As for taking your masters here in Australia, if I may ask, what course would you like to pursue?

If it'll be helpful, you may want to check out this website for information regarding courses offered in top universities in Australia --> Postgrad Australia.

Good luck!

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