Renting a car in Udon Thani, Thailand?

Hey all.

I'm about to visit Udon Thani for the first time and i'm planing to basically just to explore the city.

I've studied a little on internet forum and public transportation seems to be lacking so my preferred mode of transportation would be a renting a car.

So i'm comparing between these 2 company's, they both accept cash rentals and they both has free wifi internet and gps in their cars.

So i'm wondering if any of your guys have any experience renting a car in Udon Thani?
Have you rented from any of these 2?

Ud car rent seems to have many positive reviews on the internet. Which one would you choose?
Are these reliable ones or should i rather go with the big name like AVIS?

Many thanks.

If you only want to see the city' You can also drive with Toek toek with a driver who is much cheaper! And he knows everything in Udon'

Regards Peter Udon Thani

I had very good experiences with budget car rent and service is good.

You use credit card for rental. They have a counter at the airport where you can pick up the car. After you use it and you can return it at any major city then catch a flight back.

Their prices are very reasonable and cars in good condition too.

You can use Google map in your mobile phone with a local SIM card.

If you want to rent I think it's best to use one of the International Companies at the Airport , if you are unlucky enough to have an accident in one of the local companies vehicles they often charge you for the time it is off the road being repaired which can end up a long time .
Udon has taxi cabs now and not expensive , if you can't find one they are usually waiting in the bus station . There is an abundant supply of Tuk Tuks , agree the fee first , also a pretty constant supply of route numbered ' Songtaw's ' , pick-up trucks with a bolt on body with two rows of benches , see the ' Udon Thani ' magazine for routing , available free at many locations ( bars etc. ) Udon Map kindly supply these and lots of info on their website .
Hope this helps and have a great time .


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