I need to whine and vent

I'm sooooo jealous of everyone who can just pack up and move.  We found our spot, bought our house and have it almost entirely up and grid to boot!  But, the only thing holding us back is obligation to my kids and the need to make a semi-secure future for them.  In two years we would be debt free and have about $2000 per month from rental income (that's accounting for paying property and income taxes) We would have no house payment...$2K would be just for living expenses.  My husband is very handy and has multiple ideas for creating some revenue streams while we live there, so it's possible that income would grow.  I'm very actively promoting the idea to my kids, but I'm not in a situation where I could unilaterally make this decision as their dad who recently moved to Florida (1000 miles away) would probably not allow it...and I would be in for a court battle UNLESS the kids tell him they want to move...sigh...wäaah (my best approximation to a real whine!)

We all need to vent. Hope it helped.

Now go open a real bottle of wine - that will really help honey!

Wine always helps whine. :D

Bob K

As always...good advice...😁

Believe me when I say many of us have been in your situation, me being one of them. Time really does go quickly and sooner than you know it you will be chillin on a beach somewhere.

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