Panama gun laws

Anybody can shed any light on firearms laws and regulations in Panama, in particular:
- handguns and rifles;
- sport: trap shooting, IPSC shooting;
- law application for permanent residents/non-citizens;
- concealed carry;
- any difference between various cities and provinces;
- availability of various types of firearms in Panama, various calibers of ammo (9mm, 40, 45), possibility of importing;

Thanks in advance.

Hello mango7,

May I know about the purpose of this question. Is it for a study/thesis.

I see that you have been inquiring for some South American regions.


The purpose is to get the information. Isn't your blog is all about it?

Search for Panama gun laws.  You will see that you can bring in and have any gun as long as it is not full auto, including short barrel shotguns.  They do have to be registered, do this in advance of shipping guns.  they will be held for some period of time while the paperwork is processed.  You will also have to give a blood test/sample for dna tracking but after that is complete and you are clear you can have your guns, carry concealed, etc.

From what I found there is no limit on caliber or # of rounds per magazine, etc.

The exact process to me is unknown, I have not gone through the process but searched on the exact question.

As for the use of guns, in 99.99% of all inquiries are for hunting and personal defense, so that the other .01% are aware.

living in panama

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Thanks, but my question is for those who have a first-hand experience with owning a gun in Panama.
Sorry for all your trouble, justinjohn, but it seems very odd: why would you give $1000 to anyone for a drivers license before checking the place out yourself? Besides, you look, talk and behave like a victim. Considering your condition you are better off staying in US.   
All Latin America is corrupt, get used to it. Panama has a high crime rate? You want to see crime? Come to Quito or, even better: Guayaquil. I've seen people with laptops in Panama city after dark in parks. You don't see it in Ecuador, period. Here, people carrying laptops run zigzagging from point A to point B: ANYWHERE, be it a nice or run down area, coz there is no question in anybody's mind that your life here costs a lot less than that very laptop.
So, in general, Panama stroke me as a much safer place than Ecuador, but much more expensive too.
No offense, but I consider your opinion as a misinformation for an average expat.

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