Travelling by bike with an African girl from Sohar to MCT

Can anyone recommend a company or person I can hire a motorcycle from in Sohar where I'll be picking up a passenger in a week and need to drop the bike off at or near Muscat Airport?
Is biking with an African girl likely to attract problems by police etc?

Hi ricci1003,

Your second query is less of a problem to respond to, compared to your first.

There aren't any registered bike rental companies that are available. There is, of course, a Harley Owners Group. However am not sure if the group would give their bikes out on hire. You need to check it out.

Now regarding your second query, the nationality of the pillion rider or the rider is immaterial as long as all the needed documents are in place - not only for the riders but also for the vehicle.

So even in the case of being pulled over, produce the required valid documentary evidence of stay in the Sultanate and there would be no problems.

As you probably know, car rental would be far simpler !

Good morning Sumitran,
Thanks for your kind reply.
I suppose I'll hire a car in that case. Coming from Dubai and crossing the border and on to Sohar where would you suggest hiring  a car? And do you think I  would be able to deliver it at MCT airport?
The girls papers are in order in that she has been working there for a year already on a 2 year contract. Do you think  authorities would  raise questions noticing she's leaving early?

Hi ricci1003,

Most leading international car rentals allow for cross border pickup and drop. So that shouldn't be any problem.

The registered and official designation of the lady would decide if she would be allowed to exit / enter the borders. Some lower designations are not allowed. Have it thoroughly checked and clarified before undertaking the journey.

Hi Sumitran,
The girl is from Uganda.  She may well be organised regarding those issues. I'm won't meet her until next week when I'm to escort her to the airport instructed by the father. There have been claims of abuse and sexual harrassment and apparently for this reason she has decided to leave her employer and the country 12 months earlier than her contract stipulates apparently. As perhaps mentioned already she has working residence visa in Oman. And I think she is allowed 2 weeks holiday per year so I don't think immigration would wonder let alone stop her from boarding her flight home. I just thought I'd check.

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