Advice needed on all things Sri lankan !

Hello Everyone !

This is my first post to this forum and I would like to introduce myself and thanks you in advance for reading and any advice you might be able to offer.

Myself and my wife Louise currently live in London and are keen to move to Sri Lanka in the new year. I have a few queries ( although I feel there may be more down the line !) on which you might be able to help with.

Firstly, I'm looking at purchasing some land in Hiriketiya. I've never brought land in Sri Lanka but I understands that it can be tricky due to messy title deeds; especially around the coast.

Could anyone please offer any advice or tips on purchasing land or if there are any common scams to be alert for ?

Secondly, We are currently trying for a baby I wandered if anyone could pass on any advice on having a baby in Sri Lanka in terms of hospitals etc and if its easy to get a nanny / child care.

Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated.



Best is higher a good reputed lawyer dealing with lands etc .lawyer would do the rest for u.

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