How to care for parents at Sri Lanka?


My wife and I live in Australia. My brother also lives in Australia and we are only able to visit SL once a year. My father is a patient but my mother is in good health.

Recently, I'm very worried about the well being of my parents whilst we are here. Any ideas, tips on how you managed parents whilst being abroad?

I don't want to look into the option of enrolling them into a home as they would really miss being in our family home etc.

Any ideas will be appreciated

I am wondering if you have any family or close friends in Sri Lanka, and whether or not they can make a suggestion. Also, perhaps they are aware of someone that can come in to your parents home to provide assistance. Perhaps their physician can offer advice. This is a good question and I am interested in what your results are.

Over here, we have organizations providing live in Home Nursing for elderly patients. They are Care Givers. I am engaging such Care Givers for my elderly parents who live with me.

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