Single in Copenhagen or Hilerod or Horsholm area

Hi, recently I got job offer with DKK 46,000 monthly salary. (There is no additional income such as bonus, pension and overtime fee, housing/public transporation support from company. Is it common in Denmark?) I am a single and I have a plan to stay in Copenhagen or Hilerod or Horsholm area. Someone can provide me advice about income tax, living expense for living in these area? Is it very tight for living with this condition, if I want to keep DKK 14,000 monthly for saving account?

From my research, my expected income tax is 4x%~5x% per month (Because I am a single and my salary range is over DKK 435,000) and I found that I need to pay around DKK 4000 for 1 room in Copenhagen. Additionally, if I stay in Copenhagen, I have to take public transportation for moving 6~70km daily to work in my office and come back to home but if I stay in another area, I can reduce this amount.

Based on a yearly income of 552,000 kroner (2017) the tax will amount to 213,094.16 kroner a year if you settle down in Fredensborg municipality, to 217,307.96 kroner In Hillerød and to 204.125,95 kroner in Hørsholm. (Hørsholm is one of the cheapest municipalities in Denmark (number 4), Fredensborg and Hillerød are in the average area.

(The transport connections from Hillerød to Hørsholm aren't good, but this is another issue. In Denmark, public transport may be a problem, as there have been many bus cutaways, and Kystbanen (the train line from Copenhagen to Elsinore) is notorious for its delays.

Rooms in Copenhagen are expensive and not easy to find (and prices high), but on the other hand, you might prefer to stay in Copenhagen as life in the suburbs is very, very quiet. It should be possible to find a room about/below 4,000 kroner somewhere. In Copenhagen, it might be higher.

A rough estimate:
pay                           552

tax                            214
housing                      50
utilities                       20
household                 40
transport                   15

surplus                     213

In Denmark, it is not normal to get bonus, overtime fee, transport or housing support. I take that we don't talk about relocation support?

But the norm is that you'll be offered a pension scheme about 10 - 15 per cent of your pay. Actually, I would take it for granted that you were offered a pension scheme.

Have you any idea of how that kind of jobs are paid normally?


Hello Nellie,

Thank you for your detail information! If it is ok, can I ask something about your calculation?
I have 2 questions about result.

1. Income tax has dependency about location?
- From your comment, I found that there are some difference between each amount of income tax.

2. If I consider income tax as DKK 217,307.96, income tax ratio will be about 39%. For this calculation, 8% of labour market contribution has been added? I expected income tax ratio as mid-of 40% because of this tax.

Please kindly answer my questions when you are available. Thank you in advance for your help!

The municipal taxation per cent differs. It depends on the service level, but not least on the income of the citizens in the municipality concerned. If the citizens are wealthy (as in Hørsholm), the municipality doesn't have to taxate so heavy to get the tax needed. … ?cid=23480

The tax calculation is inclusive the 8 % labour market contribution. … staar=2017

You are welcome to ask as much you need.


Hello Nellie,

If my monthly salary is changed to DKK 50000, is it possible to calculate income tax and save increased amount of money? (My condition is single, will stay in Horsholm, pension, bonus and overtime fee, allowance will not be provided) Please reply me when you may feel comfortable.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Additional Q. Is unpaid sick leave common in Denmark?

Hørsholm municipality, income 600,000 kroner, 2017 = tax 230,169.60 kroner.


Additional Q. Is unpaid sick leave common in Denmark?

Most people are hired on a collective agreement with the right to full pay under sickness.

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