Visa on arrival _UAE to Muscat by road

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I am currently in Abu Dhabi, working as Advertising Designer for 4 months. I am planning to visit Muscat by road this first week of August 2017. I would like to know if I am eligible to enter Oman by visa on arrival?

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This link will help you … ourist.asp

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Thanks for d reply.

Not able to open d link.

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Bro, if your visa is an employment visa then you are eligible to get on arrival visa at Omani border/airport.

Hi bro Abdurrazaq. 

Yes it is an employment visa. Issued on Mar.30, 2017 (almost 4mos). Is there an issue regarding visa validity? Bcoz a friend told me that at least my visa is 6 mos. B4 I can enter by visa on arrival.

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There is mo such rule only the passport should me valid for more than 6 months.

It happened to my friend. In Dubai Airport, the immigration officer didn't let him in & told that the visa should be 6mos from the date of issue. Not really sure about their rules, haven't read of this really. I guess it depends on d mood of d officer  :/

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Thanks for d reply.

Not able to open d link.

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Granted by the competent authority to the foreigner who wishes to visit the Sultanate for tourism, in order to authorize the holder to enter and stay in the country for a period of one month maybe extended for a similar period, as follows:

Valid for use within six months from the date of issuance.
Valid for staying in the country for a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of entry.
Number of trips: one trip only.
May be extended for a similar period.
Fees: (20) Omani Riyals.
Fine: Upon expiration of the visa (10) ten Riyals for each day of delay.
If the validity of the visa is for (10) days, the fees will be (RO5). It can also be extended to similar periods at the same charge per period.
Procedures for the issuing of a tourist visa of the country list No. (1)

From all representations of the Sultanate of abroad without local sponsorship.
All the legal entries.
From the Directorate General of Passports and Residence or any branch thereof at the regional police commands.
Submission of electronic application form by a local sponsor, under his responsibility (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for a tourist).
Procedures for the issuing a tourist visa, out of the list of No. (1)

Issuing this type of visa Department of Passports and Residence, or one of its branches in region areas at the request of a local sponsor, (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for the same) and in the following manner:

Submission of electronic visa application form local sponsor, under the responsibility of (one of the tourist companies or offices or hotels licensed for tourism).
Enclose a letter from the sponsor a foreigner sponsorship application guarantor or approved by the sponsor or the authorized signature and sealed with the seal of the institution.
Enclose copy of valid commercial registration and chamber of commerce certificate and a copy of signature authorization.
Enclose copy of the foreigner passport and should be valid not less than six months.
Two photographs (4 x 6) cm.

Hi andy_abraham.

Tnx 4 this. It's indeed informative. I still want to know d info specifically on visa on arrival (if my visa is valid enough to enter d border).

The Oman Embassy here in Abu Dhabi doesn't answer calls, that's why I'm hoping I can get answer from this forum.

Tnx All 4 ur replies.
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