Nicotine patches

Good Day All,

I had quit smoking for 2 years, then started again when I moved to Saigon two months ago.

Hoping someone can advise where I can buy nicotine patches. Will use the gum as a last resort. I checked a few pharmacies in D7 and no patches...


Hi Dana,

I'm looking for the same thing.  Please keep me posted if you find any.

Thank you!


You may have to buy them on line, I go through the same thing I don't smoke in Australia and then when I go to SEA I starting smoking again then after about a month I want to stop again (LOL) and I have searched hi and low and cannot find Nicotine patches or gum in SEA, I think that it is just to expensive to put on the market there as the locals cannot afford to buy them. … tep-1.html

Big thanks for yer post
I have been looking for it

Thanks Colinoscapee! Will check these guys out!

Found them at the place Colinoscapee recommended in Q10. … tep-1.html

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