unpaid loans in saudi arabia

good day. back in 2014 i have unpaid loan from al rajhi bank riyadh saudi arabia due to financial problem. i am currently working at uae and bilkish associate contacted me to pay the full amount immediately i dont have the enough money to pay now. can i go to jail here in uae because of it. they also sent liability lettter and authorization letter from al rajhi bank is this legal documents? thamk you.

It as a formal notifcation letter from the letter attempting to collect satisfcation of the outstanding debt. No you cannot go to jail. But if they choose in the UAE they can file for a court order and if they know your employer can send to your payroll department and garnish your wages. My suggestion is to call them and work out a payment plan, they dont tell you this but they would rather work with you than go through the legal red tape. Your lucky you got out of KSA as they can suspend your final exit visa until you satisfy debts in KSA. You obviously defaulted on your loan after leaving. Let me know if this helps :top:

Any update ma'am about your situation..I have the same case as yours.i tried to contact Al rajhi bank also and they are telling they are affiliated with bilkish.but about bilkish I read a lot of complaints against them.they keep in calling me also almost 20x a day.i but I don't want to deal with them

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