Unpaid bank loan from Al rajhi bank

Good day.i just want to ask help on how to settle unpaid bank loan in saudi.i had my final exit last 2015 with outstanding balance of 34k riyals.then last month I received a call from collector introducing that they are the authorized representative of Al rajhi bank to collect my debt.i tried to search about BILKISH ASSOCIATES but I read a lot of complaints against them.i tried to communicate directly to Al rajhi to inquire on how to settle my accounts tru their website.customer service agent gave me a contact details to whom I will address my concerns.but when I ask this bank representative he said I need to deal with the Bilkish agent.because he is still they contracted bilkish company to contact non Saudi who left KSA without settling their financial obligations.they just given me 2 weeks to pay.but I can't afford to pay.i want to settle by at least monthly the Bilkish agent keeps on calling me for almost more than 20x a day.if I will going to start my I'm going to use my old bank account number to deposit my payment? Is my account still active?

Kabayan any update sa situation mo? Same situation here.

Did u left saudi permanently? Or you still in saudi arabia?

I'm on the same boat but Bilkish have not started calling, just sent emails like once a month threatening legal actions. I do not have any plans on returning to Saudi Arabia and is now permanently residing in the USA. Can they still make any actions against me here?

same situation.. we’re paying in monthly basis through bank transfer. Pero too expensive because they have to convert peso to dollar, then dollar to riyals. Kawawa naman kasi lumiliit ang value ng money...

Hi... Please email me regarding your case... I have similar case... Thank you...

Ano po ba legal action ang ibig nila sbhin? Same situation here perp d nman ako ng about ng 5k though singil p rn sila. Pano po b ntin mlalaman na legit ung ppdlahan ntin Kung nandto tau s pinas?

Hi Hameerbaa28,

Could you please post in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand ?

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Hi Ms. Hammerbah.
May we have your opinion?
We have a colleague here who already went exit but left a bank loan.
Any suggestions on how to settle it?
Some bank collectors cannot be trusted.
Can they communicate directly with the bank?
How to avoid criminal charges which may reflect in the international criminal history check, which in turn may taint one's integrity when he or she applies for permanent resisency pr citizenship?
How long will take? And how to temporarily avoid this while one has no money to pay yet?
Given the time period, so that when one is financially stable, he or she could pay.
Thank u.

It doesnt matter....there are federal agreements for banks, but still depends on low in the country where he exist currently as i understood he left already

What do you nean sir?
Will it affect his application in other first world

@neib_uer12 I really don't have an idea in regards with your questions. I am even asking tho.

@jasonalqadi kindly explain specifically which banks?

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