Daily ride share / car share Bahrain - Khobar ?

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a fellow expatriate commuting from Bahrain to Khobar every day, willing to share his car with me.
I will not take turn driving, but I am willing to pay a higher share of the causeway fee and petrol.
Many thanks in advance !

In order for this to be a decent question, you need to state two crucial things:

What times you need to arrive in/leave Khobar.
Where in Khobar you need to be.

I also suggest you tell them how you plan to make it to the causeway each day to be picked up. Having someone pick you up and drop you from somewhere other the causeway insurance place is probably going to be a hassle unless your are lucky to find someone commuting precisely from your area.

If I were you, I'd offer to pay all the causeway fee plus the fuel, not just a share of it.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will modify accordingly. The main reason I have not specified times and location is I am quite flexible on both. I can adapt to the driver's schedule as I will be the manager in my new office, and I can have one of my staff pick me up within Khobar if my office is a detour for the driver (it is located in a very central area though).

If required I can pay all the causeway fee and the fuel, I have no problem with that.

Hey Pierre
I am in a similar situation, I have found someone if you suggest we can share and it will reduce our cost by 50% each. Whatsap me ***


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Did you manage to find someone? I am looking for a daily ride share too from Bahrain to Khobar? If you have found and have space can you please share your contact details.
Many thanks



Are you still looking for the above? I am in need of a carshare from March 1st from Juffair to Al Khobar.

Best wishes,


have you find ride share to Saudi, I am looking as well.


I am still looking. I might end up renting a car myself. Where to and from do you need to go? And at what time?


I am interested in car share too if you can give more details

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