Your opinion/inputs for some of these thoughts before I move to Laos

Hello, i'm jenny, Indonesian and i'm planning to accept an offer to work in Phu Bia Mining Company in Phu Kam.
I'd like to have your opinion or inputs for some of these thoughts before I move to Laos :)
1. Have you ever heard about Phu Bia Mining? is it a reputable company in Laos?
2. Got offered for around USD 1,875 gross per month for cost control engineer position, all the accommodation & facilities (such as homestay, meals, transportation,flights,etc) shall be provided by company, they also provide medical benefit and bonus around USD 3500 yearly. Does the offer quite meet the average compensation for expat in Laos?
3. Is it safe to work in Laos? Are most of locals able to speak English?

Thank you and I await your reply :)

Phu Bia mining are a reputable company to work for.
Working in Laos is safe.
Some locals speak English but it would be in your interest to learn Lao. As far as I know Phu Bia do offer language courses.

Laos is safe, and quiet. Salary looks good. Yes, little English, close to zero outside the big city. Have fun.

That's a good company to work for. They've been here a long time. That's a good salary too. You should be able to live very comfortably on that especially considering you're daily living expenses will be very low.

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