Living in Laos

You are living in Laos, or you used to live in Laos.

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How would you describe life in Laos?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find an accommodation and a job?

Is it complicated to make friends in Laos?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Laos?

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I'm also waiting for the experience shared by the others...

i'v been living in laos for nearly a year...
accommodation is quite cheap. u can rent a nice house with garden with abt 500$/ month.
Many restaunrants, bars r owned by foreigners so I think its very easy to make friends.Vientiane,the capital, is quite small, pretty, quiet n peaceful, even tho, not many things to do. You can get a job as a teacher easily if you are English or French native speakers but dont expect high salary. Lao ppl r friendly, very kind. Dont get one-time entry visa because you might need going to ( Nongkhai or Udonthani ) sometime for shopping, markets n super markets in Vientiane r just OK.
Enjoy Laos

i am in bkk now, but thinking about moving to vientiane.  what is the cost of living like here?  compared to thailand??
input is appreicated.  crawdad in bkk

it seems interesting...

It's a fantastic place to live because it's so underpopulated and so sleepy compared to other Asian cities, particularly in Southeast Asia.  People take their time doing things and enjoy life. You can't help but join in this group mentality even as an expat. There's lots to do if you're active and you know how to make your own fun. Of course, if you're someone who's into shopping, art galleries and fine dining... then it may not be the place for you!

Finding accommodation is very easy as there are a number of real estate agencies willing to take you to see rental properties.  Making friends with other expats is easy, however most people are in Laos for work reasons rather than just hanging about.

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Vientiane is definitely a lovely place to settle in. I have family there and love coming back each month on my break.

However it is becoming a lot busier traffic wise in the last 3 years with a lot of construction work going on. 

Accommodation costs are reasonable but rising slowly but surely along with utilties,food,insurances,etc.Agood social life here. Having said all that it is still a great place to be in.

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