Tax Identification Numbers

Hello- we are resident in the UK but live in France for c 5 months of the year. We have a French bank account to pay our bills. The money comes from the UK where we pay tax. We do no work in France- in fact retired. Recently HSBC have asked us in a demanding manner for out Tax ID numbers (TIN). Are we obliged to give them? We think its info gathering to try and sell to us.  Any advice from those that know ?
Thank you


Our French bank (Crédit Agricole) had us fill out a form recently (I forget why, but possibly just to fix our address); it had a blank for our TIN. We don't have French numbers yet, so couldn't oblige - it didn't seem to be a problem.


Hi celticman,
It's not for selling. If you are under more than one tax jurisdiction banks are now obliged to give details to the tax authorities in the countries where you are registered. I believe that HSBC started with this this summer. If you have a French tax return or even just pay taxe foncière the number needed by HSBC is the "Numéro fiscal" in the box "Vos références" on the Avis d'impot. 13 digits only, no letter needed.

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