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I will apply for the CIE soon as base of married to a Brazilian woman. We have been married for 9 years living abroad and I would like to take the CIE .
I know all the doc.needed for the PF.   As for the legalized copy of the passport at the consular section of the Brazilian embassy of your country, since august 2016 they don't do anymore this because Brazil signed the Hague Convention
Now you have to make a legalized copy of your passport  to a notary in your country of origin and then get it stamped with an  apostille  ,and at  last to get it translated  in Portuguese by a recognized translator with the Ministry of Justice in Brazil (tradutor juramentado no Brasil).
1.What doubt I have is if this must be done only of the written/stamped pages of one's passport ...for eg. my passport is new ,besides the pages with my dates and photo and that of the VIPER,the rest ..30 pages are in white.... I think it implies only the written/stamped pages, not the rest in white....if somebody knows for sure ....
2. Can I let somebody else(my brother in law or an advocate ?) with a legalized power of attorney/procuracao to get my CIE ? as I have to return in 30 days back to my country to solve things for the move...
If not allowed by the PF can I collect it myself after a few months when I come back ?


You an copy the passport in Brazil at. a cartorio. You do have to copy every page of the passport even blank ones they will do that at the cartorio. Did you get married out of Brazil?  If so did you register it in the Brazilian consulate?  If not you need to apostile it and rautgebicate it at the cartorio in Brazil 


@Jland 912,
Thank you for your reply,
I got married out of Brazil,but we registered the marriage certificate with the Brazilian embassy here and later we registered with a "cartorio" in Brazil.
As they told me at the Brazil emabassy here,since august 2016 the embassies of Brazil don't legalize anything as Brazil signed the Haia Convention.
For this all documents (in my case the passport) must be legalized at a notary in your country of origin,then apostilated (Hague Convention) ,and afterwards translated  in Portuguese by a "juramentado tradutor "from Brazil,SP in my case.
What I don't  see why to legalize about 29 pages in blank when only 3 are  written ( my dates,photo, the VIPER visa).............
Thank you


They require every page. It's seems a waste but that is what they require. At least that is what was required when I did it. I was able to do it at the cartorio in Brazil. I believe that one of our contributors to this forum Mike from São Paulo also did his recently in Brazil.


@jland 912,


I will do the same because I don't have time to lose,as I return home in 30 days to solve other things.
By the way ,the CIE they hand personally only ? and how long does it take ? Do you know if I make a power of attorney to my brother in law who is Brazilian would be ok to take it for me ,or any other means to get it in my absence a lawyer or something ?

Thank you



They do hand the CIE personally. It might be best to ask at the PF how you can do it. Maybe they will hold it until you return. When you leave Brazil withe protocol the ask you to let them know. Also to pick up the CIE you have to turn in your protocol. I believe you can only be gone 90 days.


  Can anyone tell me how to cancel Rne here ,If my wife complain about me that i am not staying with her i cheat her Fdp can cancel My RNe???????


You don't need to cancel it. If you and your wife separate you can still keep it. If you decide to leave the country. After 10 years the card CIE will expire.


Thanks for your respond sr
But my wife wants to cancel my Rne can she do it? i am here from last year and not leaving with her .


The RNE/CIE belongs to you she cannot cancel  it. She is using the threat to control you. Even if you were to divorce she has no way to cancel it.

I just did this 2 weeks ago in Bahia. The PF said they will first call the local phone number you've given them to apoear in person to retrieve the card. I told them I had to return to the US and they said, no problem we will hold here until you pick it up. Meanwhile they issue a provisorial with photo good for 9 years. Im in CA now and will pick it up in about 4 months. By the way, this is my 2nd RNE card and I only did again it to get the indefinate validation as I am now over 60. My last Delta flight from SFO refused boarding based on the expiration date shown on my card...but a helpful supervisor located info online which proved my "over 60 exclusion" story to be valid. I was allowed to fly...but never want to be in that position again!

No...it must be you, in persin.

I had just the opposite experience with the expiration date on mine. Because there isn`t one AA couldn`t generate my boarding pass. It seemed the agent didn`t have any options or knowledge how to do it. She ended up using the tourist visa that is in my passport to get the system to generate the boarding pass. The last time I flew was with United. All the agent did was glance at my CIE and generated the boarding passes.


Seems everyone's confused across the board! In retrospect and over the years, it seems to me that the Cedula isn't all it's cracked up to be. All the bureacracy around the next logical step of citizenship, makes me rethink it's true value.

:) ..person


I just submitted my application on Wednesday and all the required is the original passport and a copy of all the pages in the passport. It did not have to be notarized. All documents required is just the original and a a copy of the documents.
You will need to get your signature notarized on the declaration that talks about you are not devorce where both of you will sign.

I had someone pick up mine. I gave the  power of attorney to a friend and she picked it up and mailed it to me.

Had mine and or in the system for 13 years. Gonna pick up my hard copy soon and get new implant teeth screwed in too at the same time..lol!

What Brazilian document is that?


Saint9711 :

I just submitted my application on Wednesday and all the required is the original passport and a copy of all the pages in the passport. It did not have to be notarized. All documents required is just the original and a a copy of the documents.

I live in Goias and I was required to have all of the copies of my documents notarized at the cartorio, including all of the blank pages of my passport. I've also heard that the requirements can vary, depending upon where you live.

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