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I am planning to apply for the PEI investor program in 2018 ( heard that 2017 quota is full), with my intention to invest in a business through partial ownership stream ( not planning to get on with a full new business as I am not a typical business oriented person ) . I have been working proffesional for the last 30 years, but with my age I am not eligible for the express entry and hence this way...

So could anyone provide me what is the best businesses out there for entering into a partner ship . How do I find prospective investors who are interested in newcomers investing in their businesses. Of course, in the PEI investor program,  there are few   eligibility conditions put out by the immigration, that a business should have to find a partner. still how are the chances of finding such businesses?? After so many years of being in 10 to 5 job, I am looking forward to a partial ownership business investment . Which would be the best city to move into for this ? Meantime I am open to look for a job as well in customer service, administration sectors in any field :))

Well , How z the retired life there ?? how would the life be for me a 54 years old ... Is there a age racism that exists there for Job opportunities like it does in UAE ? Hope that there would be things and activities that I could keep myself engaged in ?

I know after the hot summers in UAE ( where I have been for the past 20 years) , winters will be harsh. I have a little experience of the Toronto winters as my daughter is based there.

Looking forward to your expert opinion :))

Hi kumagee,

PEI is indeed a nice little province. Charlottetown is a quaint little city and I pretty much like it myself, having visited it 3 times. Unfortunately I am not too sure what the business opportunities are like over there. I am incline to say if there is any it would be smaller than other major cities in Canada. But who am I to advice. I would think its better you engage the advise of an immigration consultant.

Thanks Philipeyo.. yes its a quaint town much diff from toronto where I used to frequent.. will see how it works out if I my application goes through 😊. Def have to be careful about investing .

Certainly a retirement sort of place if you're looking for peace and quiet. I like the arts scene there too. Lots of nice shows and musicals in Confederation theater and other independent ones during summer and fall season. Beaches are beautiful and amazing. Now with regards investment. I would say its a tad bit uninteresting over there.

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