Family Reunion- Belgium

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My wife has applied Family reunion visa In Feb,2017. Visa is still under process and according to them, It can take 9 to 15 months.
Can I meanwhile apply Tourist Visa for my wife? Or Are there any other suggestions?

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IMHO, it is not a good idea to apply (at least to the same country) another type of visa, while one type of visa application is already in progress.

Is it possible to travel on a tourist visa when the application is under process if you already have one? In that case, can he stay for 180 days? Also, when can he expect to get back the passport he submitted to the embassy?

In my case, I asked from the embassy(Abu dhabi in my case) where we applied for family reunification and according to the she can apply for other country schenegen visa (like France for example).
Concerning the returning of passport, it is not required to submit the passport at the time of submission of application, embassy should inform you when your visa will be processed and only then you can submit to get it stamped.

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Thank you for your response. My husband submitted in India (Delhi) and they asked for the passport. Can someone who submitted in India confirm this and also throw some light?

Hello sir/ma
What is the standard duration for a Belgium family reunion visa to be processed?

Maximum 12 months and minimum 6 months dear


Omg.... that's too long

I also.  Applied  for belgium long term visa and after 4 months the status is in treatment

Do you have a Belgium spouse? And where did you track it?

Yes my hubby is in belgium and I track my application on .what is the present country of your wife and belgium embassy give her ref no or not for tracking the application

ok thanks, I will use that link to track it too


The duration for family reunion depends on various factors.
You can follow below link and get duration depending on the card type you have in belgium … isa_D.aspx

If you are non-belgian: … _VISA.aspx

For checking the status, first you have to ask the VISA application number from embassy you applied then you can check with below link by filling visa centre and visa application number: … evisa.aspx


Please can you send me the link?


Hello dear .r u check your status or not?

Hello dear .i apply for family reunion visa .my husband in belgium and have card .i just want to know how much it's time to taken .i submit my and my son visa app on 27 April 2017 .i chek my status now and the status shown that my app registerd in belgium on 13 July 2017  and in treatment .i want to know how much time it's taken .

It's in treatment

Hello dear .i want to know in which month u apply for belgium visa .


Me too in April .wen u get your visa apRoval .plz tell me ?

Oh ok... notify me too about ur own

In sha Allah

Hello dear,
               Just want to ask if u have got your visa hope u don't mind replying
Thank you so mch in advance 🙏🏼

Hello everyone
               Is there anyone who have applied in April n still not got visa .mine applied in April no response so far ..
Thank you 😊


Yes, I got my visa on September 6th.
So it took around 6 and half month for whole process. But Visa approval is all depends upon your file.


Hello an jana I also apply in April 2017 and still waiting.

            I too applied in april n waiting😑😑😑😑

Me too but I got an Orange cart its not the same. :))
Can someone explane me I must ask in the comune for my dosie or file numer from for tracking the process i dont understand that part?

Hi, where can I ask for the visa application number? Commune?

Call the Belgium embassy in your country to get your visa application tracking number... you can also send email

Have you received visa?

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