Border crossing to Ecuador without previous exit stamp (2015)

Hello everyone,
My name is Sophie.
In 2015 I left Ecuador and because I travelled via La Balsa and had overstayed my visa with just a few weeks (at this time the law was: there is no fine, the only consequence is you can't re-enter ecuador for 9 months),however immigration officers told me they could not give me an exit stamp. Apparently, from what I have been reading, this happens quiet often, sometimes they don't even tell the people (They give you the exit stamp in the pasport but not in their system) Luckily, at least I know I don't have an exit stamp, but they could have easily not have told me as they seem to often do so..... Now I have a NEW pasport and am planning on entering Ecuador soon. I know the Colombian border is the "easiest", especially If you are expecting problems. But I am in Peru so prefer to cross from Peru... Can anybody give me any info? Will I have any chance of re-entering, explaining to them, or is this a no - go?? Thanks very much.

First, double check to see if your new passport number changed.  My US friend renewed his from here, and he said his passport # changed, and none of his previous  travel info was attached to the new one. Mine expires next year, so soon I will have to start that process.  I also had a Canadian friend that bought property here, but never officially got her permanent residence or cedula.  She was from Canada and was always here on the 90 day tourist visa (officially).  The first time she stayed over a year and a half illegally, and they never said a word to her about it in immigration at the airport when she went home.  She left in December and came back in March, and again immigration never said a word when she came back in.  She left the following year after over staying her legal time and was back in less than 6 months without a word. The last time she left I was traveling along side her on her first leg.  It was right after the earthquake last year, and the immigration lady kept asking her for more ID.  I told her not to speak any Spanish (she knew enough but would not be considered fluent by any means) and only to answer yes or no to their questions.  Honestly, I told her not to come to the counter with me cause I wanted no problems or hassles leaving the country, but she tagged along anyway.  So I told her to give them her Canadian DL and her credit card.  The lady finally got the word cedula out, she said no, and luckily for her, immigration was so backed up they had to hold our flight, and the lady couldn't speak English and with her glance around for someone in charge, saw no one, and just stamped her passport.  Now with the new laws she's decided to not come back.  Not sure how immigration will handle things now, although my husband came back from the US a week ago and he said they did nothing diff than before.

Dear Sophie,

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Since a perfect prediction is not possible, you will need to do whatever you can to enhance your chances.

When you left Ecuador in 2015, where did you go?  Did you get an entry stamp in your 2015 passport from a subsequent country (which would indicate you were no longer in Ecuador)?  Do you have your expired 2015 passport with you in Peru?

The fact that it has been so long since you exited Ecuador works in your favor, but you might need to prove some verified travel since then.  Being in a border town in Peru might be insufficient for proof.


While there are no definites, because of the time that has expired, the most likely scenario is that you will simply be checked through with a normal Tourist Visa.

Coming through the border at Ipiales is quite easy (except for standing on a long line if a bus or two is ahead of you) and I have personally had no problems making that crossing a number of times.

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