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I am from England living/working in Norway and want to marry my fiance here in Norway. she is Vietnamese and currenty in Vietnam.

Does anyone know the correct order of process?

i.e do we apply for a fiance visa first before applying locally to be married in Norway or do we apply to be married and set a date locally first etc

from what i understand so far, to get a married in norway you have to apply to tax office, apply for a fiance visa and register locally to be married. but what i cant figue out is whats the order these need to be done in?

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I would get in contact with the British Embassy in Oslo. You will have to anyway and they will give you the exact information.

Address: Thomas Heftyes gate 8,
                 0244 Oslo,

Phone: +47 23 13 27 00

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Hi Denny,

She can come in fiancee visa first then apply at tax office for marriage.but when u guys apply she has to provide marriageability/single status certificate from home country duly apostiled from her home country.since u r also foreign national u may also need to produce something like that.u can go to tax office nd enquire and also with uk they may also have some procedure since u r uk citizen.after marriage if u guys want to live together here then u guys have to apply for residence permit.i mean after marriage fiancee visa should be changed.
other option she can come in tourist visa and then apply at tax office for marriage.then also need single status will take 3-4 weeks to get their reply, if her visa is valid for that period then u can fix a date nd get married but her visa must be valid.but then again she has to go back to her country nd apply for family reunification in order for her to come here and live with u.

My advise will be...if possible, try to get married outside norway first....maybe in UK or Vietnam, as long as the marriage certificate is in English (to avoid translation fee later on).   Then using the marriage certificate to apply for Family unification residence permit for her to stay in Norway with you.

It is not necessarily to have a fiance visa as long as she has a valid residence permit to allow her to stay and get married within the time.  example if tourist visa is 3 months, she needs to get married within 3 months.

But due to the LONG processing time by the authority, fiance visa is preferred because it has longer time.

The first thing you both need to do is to obtain documents that verified that both of you are free to marry each other.  The documents can varies depending on the countries you are from.   For me, from singapore, I have to get a marriage record search from Registrar of Marriage in Singapore with a stamp that is verified by Ministry of Foreign affairs of Singapore.   I am unsure of Vietnam.

Once you have all the documents ready (note that the document that verify that both of you are free to marry each other , must be dated within 3 months from your wedding registration date), you can submit the application to Tax office for marriage. 
Once the Tax office has given their approval, THEN you can go to tinghus to book an appointment for registration.  Note that tinghus is not opened on Saturday and Sunday so you can only get wed on weekdays.

But if you are getting married in a church, you do not need to book appointment with tinghus.  You do however need to book time and date with the church.

When you are wedded in tinghus, they will issue you a temporary marriage certificate.  A formal marriage certificate will be mailed to you.  In the mean time, you can start booking appointment to apply for family unification for your wife in Norway.  Remember to book early because it can be really difficult to get an appointment.

According to my understanding, once family unification application is submitted IN norway, she has the right to STAY in Norway until the  application result is finalized.  That is based on my understanding but then again, it might differ based on the country that your wife is from.  If your wife has high academic education, the process to get family unification approve is very fast.  Based on what I have experienced and heard, it can be as quick as 3 to 4 months.

Fornight, thank you very much for your time to write back to me. This is very usful information and I cant thank you enough. :)

Thank you Nadkiz

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