Marriage in Norway with Visitor's Visa (Tourist Visa)

hi there!  I am a filipina,  married to a Norwegian citizen..

I would just like to share some important information that I acquired thru experience when I got married in Norway on visitor's visa (Schengen visa type C)..

I will not discuss anything about the visa,  UDI frequently changes rules and checklist.. so it is adviceable that you always consult the UDI site for this..

about marriage, the site is what you need to check... Skatteetaten is Norway's version of Philippines' BIR+NSO...

I will discuss about Marriage in Norway with a Foreign Citizen.. if you have a permanent residence permit,  u dont fall under this category and u can get married in Norway like a Norwegian citizen.. but please bear in mind that a fiancée visa is not a form of permanent residence permit,  but just a residence permit...

moving forward, the usual question if you can get married on a tourist/visit visa.. YES,  you can. Legal Stay can be any kind of visa that allows you in Norway as long as IT IS STILL VALID,  meaning your not overstaying.. you must also have a valid visa on the date of marriage.. in my case,  we applied ahead of time and the current visa i was holding will not cover the date of marriage,  since my plan was to go back home,  then back to norway for the actual wedding.. but since they need to be sure i will be there for my wedding (to avoid PROXY MARRIAGES), i need to show them my new visa WITH the entry stamp (for my return trip for the wedding) before they can issue the test certificate (this is like a Marriage license)... so Skatt actually put my application on hold until i returned... also note that since the Philippines is not ratified under the Haag convention,  your NSO issued birth certificate  and CENOMAR,  needs to be legalized by DFA (or red ribbboned as what we call it)... if you're already in norway with ur NSO papers,  but not yet red-ribboned,  you can get it red-ribboned at the Philippine embassy in Oslo: … galization

after marriage,  you normally have to go back home, but u can apply in Norway for a residence permit with spouse if any of the following applies to you:
- have qualifications as a skilled worker and have legal stay in Norway
- has a valid residence permit in Norway
have a residence permit in another Schengen country and have been in Norway for less than three months
- have a valid entry visa/ D-visa (not Schengen visa)
- Have applied for asylum and wait for an answer. Please note! You cannot have been given a final rejection and a deadline for leaving the country.

in my case,  i went home coz i have to apply with my daughter (from previous relationship).. by rule, your children can apply together with you if the residence permit you are applying forms the basis of a permanent residence permit.. unfortunately, fiancée visa does not form a basis for a permanent residence permit,  so u cant apply ur child together with u if ur applying for a fiancée visa.. a FAMILY REUNIFICATION WITH SPOUSE does form the basis for permanent residence, so i was able to apply with my daughter..

it is also important to report your marriage to the Philippine embassy.. this is required if ur going to ammend your lastname in ur passport.. i didnt change my last name after marriage,  but i still reported my marriage to the embassy.. which is good because i just learned that it is required for the CFO (exit clearance).. i dont have the original report of marriage form,  but the CFO said they are ok to accept the scanned copy of the form AND an original copy of my marriage certificate from norway... so remember to acquire 2 copies of translated marriage cert from Skatteetaten...

i am now in the Philippines, already applied for a residence permit with my daughter,  and we are now in our 4th week of waiting... i am dearly hoping our case wont be forwarded to UDI, so we wont have to wait for months :(

i hope this will be able to help anyone who was in the same situation as i have.. i have posted  here all my sources/links (texts in blue) so as to keep u updated if the agencies i mentioned have updated their requirements or rules.. they often change rules and requirements, so what i experienced now may possibly not be applicable in 3 years,  for example... so it is always a necessity to check with the right sources....  if you have questions or clarifications,  dont hesitate to post a question.. i will be glad to answer them as much as i can and as informative as i can :)


pheebz0501 :

... if you're already in norway with ur NSO papers,  but not yet red-ribboned,  you can get it red-ribboned at the Philippine embassy in Oslo: … galization

apologies... i would like to make a correction about the legalization performed at the Philippine embassy.. it turns out this is "authentication of legalized foreign documents for use in the Philippines"   and not in Norway...

so the philippine embassy does not perform red ribbon of Philippine documents..

apologies for the confusion :(

a month now huh😔 me and may husband just submitted the requirements 3 days ago and expecting a good news asap ;)

Hi there? I just arrive from Norway last week as a tourist to visit my bf.We want to know if how many months before I can apply working visa this time to stay longer there. The plan is he will hire me as an employee. He is still waiting for his divorce paper thats why we can't get fiancee visa. Please advice.


Regarding the things you need and should do, you may want to check in with udi to see the requirements for the permit which is on this link

working permit

With your question about how many months before you apply, do you mean "when can you apply while your on tourist visa here now?"

If that is your question i could say that in this thread that you have posted on is about marriage and family reuni while on tourist, our basis is what was written in udi for those under family reunification applicants:
- have qualifications as a skilled worker and have legal stay in Norway
- has a valid residence permit in Norway
have a residence permit in another Schengen country and have been in Norway for less than three months
- have a valid entry visa/ D-visa (not Schengen visa)
- Have applied for asylum and wait for an answer. Please note! You cannot have been given a final rejection and a deadline for leaving the country.

With this i am sure you are aware that circumstances may be different and rules may not apply so there is a chance you need to come home and apply from there.

But if your question is after this tourist visa you have expires and have returned to the Philippines is "when can you apply from there"

Then I think you can start arranging your application once you get there, you can also check this page for additional info UDI- questions and answers about work immigration

I hope this helps if not i hope some who have experienced your case share ^_^. Have a nice day.

Hello Everyone,

I just want to ask if I can apply fiancee visa while my passport in on process for a renewal?
and is there possible that I they can granted my fiancee visa fast? I have been in Norway 2 times and my bf been here many times too, but I have a little bit concern because he is not working anymore he just get money from NAV but he have his own house?



It is ideal that you are holding your new passport when you apply because if I am not mistaken you will submit it and the visa will be stamped there (i think for fiance permits they are issuing something like an entry visa which is stickered/stamped in your passport. Someone please correct me if i am wrong :)  )

Regarding the processing time several members here have been granted fast but some takes months so no one can tell.

But about your question of your bf not working and just receiving NAV benefits i believe that will be the challenging part for you coz here is what udi says:

Requirements for the reference person
You must have an income of at least NOK 252 472 per year pre-tax and have earned at least NOK 251 856 in 2014 pre-tax (or NOK 246 136 in 2013 pre-tax) . You cannot have received social security benefits during the last 12 months. Check what kind of income counts toward this requirement and whether you can get an exemption.
You must have a home where the applicant can live together with you.

He does have a home for both of you but he doesnt meet the other requirement that says "cannot have received social security benefits during last 12 months"

Let's wait if some of us here knows a way around it that might give you some tips or tricks to possibly still apply. :)

hi karenpaul, i wish u get good news soon ;)

based on my research here in forums,  fiancée and spouse residence permits submitted to the norwegian embassy in the philippines get approved as early as 2 weeks or up to 2 months if ur case is decided by the embassy... the silver lining in this agonizing wait is that u havent received any emails yet that ur case was forwarded to UDI.. this means that its still the embassy's decision...

for my case,  i havent received any emails yet that our application is forwaded to UDI for decision,  so im still hopeful  :proud  and i believe my case is a bit complicated and can take longer than usual,  because i am applying with an illegitimate child.. means a father is stated in the birth certificate (who i never married), so the embassy have to secure that all the documents i presented are correct and to make sure that i am not "kidnapping" my own daughter from her father...

this is actually an issue ive been battling with :( the Family Code states that the mother of an Illegitimate child is the sole parental authority,  thus this means i dont have joint custody/authority with the father of my kid, therefore should not need a travel consent from the father.. i had confirmed this as well with the embassy when i applied my kid for a visit visa to Norway (this was before VFS came to the application process), and the lady at the embassy said they can accept application without travel consent for cases of abandoned illegitimate children... but at VFS,  they were asking for it.. its a good thing i was already prepared for it, just to be sure.. tho it wasnt easy to get a travel consent from a father who abandoned his kid :( i consulted this with a lawyer,  and was told that i cant file a case to "get custody" because its already stated in the law, so there is no way to get a "court order"... i asked DSWD, and they told me that the SOLO PARENT ID i have is a proof of my sole parental responsibility, which VFS also refuses to accept as proof of sole custody... anyways,  i submitted my own AFFIDAVIT OF ILLEGITIMACY of my child,  and a photocopy of my SOLO PARENT ID as proof that i don't have joint parental custody with the father of my child... but i also submitted a travel consent,  just to strengthen our case...

hi tomrain..
aside from what stephy had said, for Fiancée visa discussions, u can refer to these threads:
About fiancee visa in Norway
Fiancee Visa

a lot of people had been sharing there who had applied for Fiancée visas,  and income requirements as well :)

hi mitz..

i had posted some response on ur thread:
When can I apply for working Visa in Norway?


Hie guys

He get the target income that needed in req. for getting fiancee visa... also he have his on savings in the bank .... Is it can help for applying
fiancee visa?

hi tomrain..

i posted an answer here:
About fiancee visa in Norway - #431


tomrain2025 :

Hie guys

He get the target income that needed in req. for getting fiancee visa... also he have his on savings in the bank .... Is it can help for applying
fiancee visa?


Like we have quoted from UDI to emphasize in pur previous responses, even if your bf gets the target income,has a big savings, has a house or even other properties BUT if he is receiving benefits from NAV it will be problem since the UDI said that "You cannot have received social security benefits during the last 12 months."

For that case maybe you should ask your bf to call udi if they have special conditions that can bypass the NAV issue you have, but as of now we all base our advice to you from their written policy in their website which all of us previous at current applicants have been following. We can say your question is beyond anyone's opinion here since we haven't seen here a post about being exempted from that rule. Best to make a call to the people really concerned and has the power about this aspects :)

Hi may i ask which type of support he is getting from nav? if its a pensjon or we call it Uforotrgd which means he is sick thats why he cant work that is an acceptable income.

pheebz0501 :

... if you're already in norway with ur NSO papers,  but not yet red-ribboned,  you can get it red-ribboned at the Philippine embassy in Oslo: … galization

apologies... i would like to make a correction about the legalization performed at the Philippine embassy.. it turns out this is "authentication of legalized foreign documents for use in the Philippines"   and not in Norway...

so the philippine embassy does not perform red ribbon of Philippine documents..

apologies for the confusion :(

I am an Indian citizen and got married to a Norwegian citizen in this July. We got married in Norway while I am on a tourist visa. If anyone need any info I can share my experience so far.

hi my fellow filipinas..

Since the case processing times for us Filipinos are slightly different than most applications from other countries, i decided to start a thread dedicated for this topic Case Processing times for applications in the Philippines

i encourage you to read my thread and discuss your experiences about your follow-ups or how long you had been waiting...

thank you :)

I'm in Switzerland holding an F permit and I wanna join my wife in Bergen Norway how do you think it's the easiest for me to join my family

hi fuadyussuf..

your question is kinda broad... there are lots of paths you can choose depending on a lot of factors and it might be a really long post if we try discuss them all...

what i can suggest is you first go to UDI website and click on "Want to Apply".. there will be a series of questions you will be asked to get to a checklist applicable to you.. you can also play around with the options to see what is possible for your case.. i would say you try get familiar with it first then come back with a more specific question..


finally got my good news.!! my daughter's and my visa got approved yesterday.. after 2 months and 24 days since submission at VFS manila... we were granted a Schengen visa type D (entry visa), valid for 30days within a period of 6 months from issuance..

thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.. :)


Is that mean you can stay there for good?

thanks mitz :)

yes, our residence permits were granted... the residence permit is valid  for 1 year..  we were also issued an entry visa to be able to enter norway..

Congrats pheebz!

thanks tam :)

hi bjem.

I decided to answer your question here, from my other thread coz i think this is a more relevant thread. try to read my posts above for some other info about this topic. and below is my answer to your question:

Bjem :

Hi Pheebz..

I have a Norwegian bf for over 5yrs now..and we are planning to get married soon on my next visit in Norway via tourist visa. Btw, i have been in Norway 4x together with my son(from previous marriage). I read that you also went to the same i guess you are the best person to ask. After marriage, we plan to go back in Phi and apply for family reunification visa. Im only worried about my son..(though my first marriage had been already declared null and void) he still carry his father's last name. I wonder if you had the same problem with your daughter? Pls share me your experience. Thank you

original post here

my daughter carries her biological father's last name, and he is in the child's birth certificate.. the only problem i had was securing a travel consent from the father, coz its not clear if the embassy honors the Philippine law about the mother being the sole parental authority of illegitimate children.. i still secured a travel consent from the father (wasnt easy tho, probably the hardest document to acquire from my checklist), to strengthen our case, aside from submitting my own affidavit that my child is illegitimate and a solo parent ID from the dswd..

this is what the embassy says about custody of children:

Sole custody of children must be documented with a court decision and the certificate of finality (or entry of judgement) of the decision.  Please note that affidavits are not accepted as proof of custody of a child. If the parents have joint custody of the child, the other parent must give a written consent for the child to take up residence in Norway,  and he/she must also present a government issued ID with signature. The above mentioned documentation will not be necessary if only one parent is mentioned in the child’s birth certificate. If one parent is deceased, a death certificate issued by the PSA must be submitted with the application.

source: Family Immigration -

to sum it up, if you have joint custody with the father, you need to present a travel consent from him allowing ur son to travel with you.. if there was a custody decision from the annulment awarding sole custody to you, you have to present this to the embassy as proof that you are the sole parental authority over your son.. and your son should be under 18 yrs old to apply family reunification with you..

btw, if you are gonna ask the father for a travel consent, try to ask him to make at least 2 copies... coz the original will be taken by the embassy along with the visa application.. and since this is an intercontinental travel, you will need to present it too at the immigration officials at the airport when you travel.. as a mother, u dont need a travel clearance from DSWD to travel with ur son, but since this is an intercontinental trip, u need a travel consent from the other parent if u have joint custody of the child.. back when i applied, i only had one copy then.. the immigration official asked why i only presented a photocopy, i said the embassy took the original... we were allowed, but then i realized that i need another original copy with me just to be safe...

hope this helps :)

Hi Pheebz

Thank you so much for taking time answering my queries..I really appreciate your help :)

Hi I'm going to visit my norwaygian boyfriend and were planing to get married there instead of coming back here in PH, is there any one who knows the requirements he want me to bring all the documents we need if were get married there.

Hope can find some answer here.,thanks and Godbless all

hi ruberagas.

i had sited all the links you need to check above.. tho i would like to point out a correction that the NSO documents should be red-ribboned while in the Philippines, since this cant be done in Norway. also for my case, i went back home and applied for the family reunification permit in the Philippines..

you can also try check stephy's thread:
FAQ:Getting Married on a Tourist Visa
she too got married in Norway on a visitors visa but for her case,  she applied for the family reunification permit while in Norway..

hope this helps.. congratulations on ur future wedding,  and wish u all the best :)


Thank you so much pheebz0501 for the quick respond, really much appreciated it help much l.

And thank you for the wishing

Hi there,

    I am processing my tourist visa application to visit my Norwegian citizen bf in Norway.  We are wondering if we can get married in Norway within the given time (3mos) and then file for family reunification right away and bypass the fiance visa?

   Would really appreciate your insights.  I hope to get the most recent updates.  Thank you.

   And what are the chances of getting denied of a tourist visa? My bf sent me his guarantee form and invitation letter.

Here is a link on information about getting married on a tourist visa

FAQ: Getting married on a tourist visa

And this one for applying from tourist visa to fiance permit or family reunification as spouse while inside Norway

FAQ: From tourist visa to fiance per/spouse res permit while in Norway

As long as you complete the requirements, have a genuine relationship and that they see that you will likely return to your home country i don't think you will have any problem with getting your tourist visa :)

hi ToHappiness

congrats to the upcoming wedding :)

yes, 90 days is more than enough to get married in a courthouse (tingrett) and apply for a family reunification permit. but if ur planning a church or a ceremonial wedding, i am not sure it is enough time for planning.

just a note, u need to make sure ur politi appointment for the residence permit application is still within the validity of ur tourist visa..

for the Visitor's visa, the likelihood of getting denied a visitor's visa is slim as long as the relationship had been established and the applicant will return home..  they usually based this if the couple had already met in person (bf visits to this  Philippines or vacations together).. another factor is also the likelihood of the applicant in returning home, this is by ties to home country (like job or properties).. you can read more in below threads:
- Getting married with tourist visa in Norway
- Applying a Visit visa/schengen visa without any ties
- Schengen Tourist Visa
- UPDATE: Schengen Visa Practice Memo - Philippines

hope this helps and wish u all the best..

This is really helpful. Been praying real hard and completing all requirements.  And yes, we do love each other genuinely hehe :)

We just plan to get married in the courthouse and probably in church later on here in the Philippines (both our home country) when everything is settled.  We just want to be together as quickly as we can because long distance relationship really is hard. 

Thank you very much. All these positive responses are encouraging. The more I get excited! :)

Hi I am from Australia and married to a Norwegian, we are applying for family immigration while i´m here on a visa free 90 day visit and I would like to know if I can stay here in Norway while it is being processed? I can not find any legal information about it on the UDI website

You can read here who can apply while inside Norway and travel to Norway while waiting

Who can travel to Norway before their application has been decided?

Also the best to ask is the politi in your area because there are some cases where they meet the criteria on the udi page but are still askes to go back to their homeland to wait for the result there.

Thank you for your reply. According to that page I should be allowed to stay here. it is strange that different police stations have different rules. fingers crossed :)

Hi daisytt

welcome to expat-blog :)

here is what says about that topic:

Who can travel to Norway before their case had been decided?
Most people have to apply via an embassy and wait for an answer in their home country. However, some people can submit an application in Norway or travel to Norway while waiting for their application to be processed.

This applies to you if
- you are an EU/EEA national, or
- you are the family member of an EU/EEA national and you have applied through the residence card scheme, or
- you do not need a visa to visit Norway and you belong to one of these groups:
  *you apply for family immigration with your spouse, cohabitant or parent (children need the approval of both parents)

  *you are the mother or father of a child who is a Norwegian citizen, if the child is living with you on a permanent basis
  *you are qualified as a skilled worker

based on information you provided,  i believe the underlined clause applies to you :) so yes, based on this information from UDI website, you can stay in Norway while waiting for the decision in your application. source here: click here

hope this helps :)

P.S. i didn't mean to repost the same answer, i guess i was composing my post when stephy's answer came :D

Politi has different decisions because not all of them have encountered the same situations when it comes to applications :)

Some politi in non city areas are not strict or have less information that they have to call udi and ask too. And for cities they are more strict due to more immigrant cases that they have encountered.

Best of luck in your application i hope it goes well :)

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