Job Hunt in Manila

Hello, my name is Paula. I am currently finishing my Masters degree in Policy in Prague and am conducting research on language in education policy in the Philippines. I am planning on moving to Southeast Asia at the start of October 2017 and am eagerly looking for a job in Manila. Does anyone have any tips on how I could start searching? Thank you kindly

Hello Paula:

Have you considered online teaching?  Check out Good Air Language online.
If you are interested, there is a Chinese online teaching company that pays $16/hr. that may be worth investigating. Lessons conducted via Skype.

Let me know.  Unfortunately, employers in the Philippines don't pay much. I have 2 Masters degrees and found that a physical commute job was a dead end for myself.   

I was hired recently by what I thought was a French company paying 10 pound sterling/hr to native English speakers.  When it came to the interview, the interviewers were out of Manila and I got the job. It was Corporate Trainer teaching English online to foreign execs.  With my biz background, I would love to teach execs English. But the pay was only $6/hr. Haha. I didn't accept.     Regards Peter

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