Is there a demand for English teachers in Brunei?

Hi all :) Excited to see who I end up speaking to on this topic!

So the short version of my story:

I am a 27 year old South African currently living and teaching in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am investigating other places to move to and teach for a year or two and am very interested in Brunei. I have a BA degree in Literature and a Postgraduate degree in Education. I also have over a year's ESL teaching experience with over 9 different nationalities.

I am just looking to gauge an idea of the desire and interest in Brunei for native language English teachers and to see what experiences members of this forum think my chances are in terms of my qualifications.

Please let's chat...


Hello, my name Petrus from Indonesia, im interesting about your job, i have plan to open english lesson in indonesia, this is my first time, so do you interesting teach in indonesia, thank you

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