The best things to discover in Cambodia

Hello everyone,

What have you discovered in Cambodia that you would recommend to other expats?

Are there any places that you enjoy visiting on the weekends, be it areas of natural beauty or shopping malls? Are there any Cambodian dishes that you would recommend?

What are some of the best activities in Cambodia?

Are there any unique customs or places you were introduced to by locals that you think other expats might be interested in? Are there any local festivals that expats might want to get involved with?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Ive set up one of my guest an American, today to attend to a cultural full wedding ceremony, so he can see and feel the real aspect of the cambodian culture at its fullest color ! You really get to see how the cambodian emphasize on the ambiance, decor, and of course the full course menu local food. The dances and party accompanied by an MC to nurture the night !

Beer 🍺

Teaching English is for me the best part of being in Cambodia. Interacting with young people.
Eating with the locals is better than eating at restaurants with mainly other expats.

Thanks for your emails prescilla ,, i am hopeing to come to cambodia to live ,  .  I would appreciat any advice you can give me ,,   i e .  Health insurance ,, anything ,that  you think i shoud prepare for ,,    thankyou ... best regardd paul ,,

Hi everyone,

@ Paul, please go through the Living in Cambodia guide, you will have the preliminary infos.
If you need any more infos, feel free to create your own thread on the Cambodia forum.

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