How To Raise Complain To Ministry Of Labor

Good morning!

I would like to raise a complain to ministry of labor about a certain company who doesn't treat his employees well. Any idea, please let me know. Thanks.


In fact it doesn't work at all through calls or visits to the MOL.

But if you have Saudi references it will work good. Check with your Saudi Managers they may help you if they are (POSITIVE) ONLY.

But I feel Twitter is the best way to get the things done. Try it. Hope you got it.

you can, and it depends on your representation, however do not go for any step until you its legality.


Completed around 8 months services in Riyadh based manufacturing company yearly one month leave.Have some health problem doctor prescribe operation need 10-12 days medical leave. Employer not granting leave to go home country. pls. suggest how to proceed to take leave.


I am not alone because of the pain of many poor people like me. Is it not Islamic money?

hello good day, I need some advice. I've been here 6 months already but my employer didn't process my iqama, there's possibility to apply in other company? thank you in advance for those can give an advice.

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