Average teaching salaries in Riyadh

Hi everyone. I have received a job offer from an international school. What is the average teaching salary in Riyadh for someone with 14 yrs teaching exp and a BA degree and PGCE?

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While waiting for members to share infos about teaching salaries, I invite you to check out threads talking about salaries and cost of living in our section below :

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I have found that schools don't pay as much as colleges.  I was shocked to find that they only pay the same as in the UK.  I can't speak for all schools, however.  I have taught in vocational colleges 18-22 years of age EFL, I have BA (Hons) English, PGCE Post Compulsory, TEFL and TEYL, with seven years overseas experience and always received the top rates of pay. £3,500 pm and nothing to pay except food.

Wow! That is a very good salary. I wasnt even offered anything close to that

Hi Samantha, You want to try the TVET colleges, Lincoln, TOP, CINOP, Through agencies like, Protocol International, Alderwood. is an excellent site.

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Starting from SR 2500 to SR. 5,000 based on your Subjects, Experience & Qualifications

Hi I know from a friend that school teachers pays not very attractive u do enjoy teaching and can try in private schools pays really good good night friend I really needs other views about salaries

I have found out that salaries at international schools range between 10 000 sar and 13000 sar.

Vow good me looking for private teaching just any social subjects  masters in Anthropology

Teachers I know

PNU/KSU edEx get maybe 10-14k SAR per month.   (Accomodation and travel given for free)

Real (PGCE) mid 20's   - most have spouses with jobs so no benefit.

Hi Sam. I think we are in the same boat here. I am waiting for my docs but have received confirmation from my agent already. I will be posted in Riyadh. Are you still in RSA? Maybe we should hook up asap.?


I am 52 years old, female, with PGCE FE, BA (Hons) English, 120hr TEFL and seven years overseas experience and I have recently been offered an EFL Lecturer's position with CINOP, a Dutch/Saudi Colleges of Excellence company. Offering 17,000 Sar and all the benefits. SO THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR THE OLDER END YET!!!  If you are looking for high end pay, go for Colleges of Excellence.....Don't bother with the likes of Lincoln or The Oxford Partnership, they are going nowhere.

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mrthoth :

Teachers I know

PNU/KSU edEx get maybe 10-14k SAR per month.   (Accomodation and travel given for free)

Real (PGCE) mid 20's   - most have spouses with jobs so no benefit.

PNU salaries are now 7,500 to 12,000 per month. Bachelors at 7.5 to 9. Masters at 10 to 12. Forget experience, they don't care. I personally know a PGCE who taught for years at PNU who is at 9,000. I kid you not.  AND you pay your own iqama fees, health insurance and medical.

Mid 20s is a fantasy or fruits picked off the rumor vine. You don't even get that at normal companies, let alone panicking PNU.

If by luck you started at something higher, they will reduce your salary on a new contract in a year or two, guaranteed, and at the last minute.

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May I ask to everyone if the Household Service Worker here in Saudi Arabia can also awarded to have a leave with pay after finishes a two-year contract?

Maybe you just haven't met the ones who actually live on the various compounds, I know at lease two independently singles.  Or maybe as they are not expecting accommodation, flights, visas............... and have husbands working here they get those "benefits" in cash.

As a real fact (and I checked this with the one of the management) kingdom schools do pay 15,000 a month for a teacher, maybe more people should compete for jobs there.

hi mouse1964,
I see you were planning to go out to teach last year- you and I are  the same age, and I see you did not favour TOP.  I have just turned down an offer from them as I was not happy with their communication- why did you say they are not going anywhere?
is there anywhere you would suggest now that you have experience?

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