Salary for INGO worker in Yangon

Hi there Yangon expats!

I'm applying for a couple of positions with INGO's in Yangon, and for both of them I need to negotiate my own salary. Healthcare and housing would not be included.  I have 4-5 years experience in project management.

What kind of salaries can INGO workers with this level experience expect in Yangon, bearing in mind that I would need to cover housing costs, which I understand can be around $700 a month for a decent 1 bed?

Thanks a lot!


Please let me know your experience in Project Management, from which country are you from.


hi, i think you may be able to find a one bed with 700$s if you are not too picky about location and flats easily..but bear in mind that you need to pay minimum 6 month in advance or 12 months (1 year advance payment requested in general).
i don't know how much you were getting as INGO in other countries as PM, but i think you should ask similar amount + accommodation...If you are going to stay in  Yangon, living expenses are not cheap and you will probably spend 1000 to 1500$ per month if you are going to eat outside.
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