How much Salary is Sufficient to Live in Yangon ??


I am from India & will be planning to move to Yangon. I have got a job offer of 4000 USD/per month (net take home) & other benefits like (2 person shared accomodation, transportation, telephone, internet,air tickets,health insurance).
Also annual bonus of maximum 3 months net pay.

They are offering Manager post in Telecom company. My total experience is 7.5 Years +.

Is this offer is praiseworthy ?? Or I need to negotiate more ?? Can I save sufficient money out of it ??

Kindly guide me with your valuable comments please..

A. Mandal

Seems to be a good offer. Your living expenses will be minimal so you could potentially save a lot of your salary.


Thanks a lot for your valuable response..

I would like to know average expenses for foods per person per day. Would you please help me in that. I would like to to prefer indian foods.. :-)

Also let me know, if Myanmar, Yangon is safe to move there with a permanent job ??

Expecting your revert pls..


Now a days, Yangon is safe for living and it is not so much for food expenses per day. Probably about 10USD will be quite enough (this is estimated for good foods for 3 meals in a day)

3500usd with all other costs cateredt for.

Take it.
It is good!

4000 for telecom job is rather low. The quality human resource is in MM is a rare commodity. You will have to calculate the risk of being in this country with very little access to what you are used to (i.e health care, communication).


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HI friends, i am a Sri lankan and having more than 19 years experience in Quality control and Quality Assurance experience in Middle east countries and finally 12 years experience in a leading food manufacturing company as a Quality Assurance Manager in Middle East. I have an opportunity to move Myanmar.Please give me some advise, how much i can expect my salary with all fringe benefits and the living cost. Please let me know all the facts regarding my post.


Mandal can you confirm if you had taken that offer, I had also got same offer now but this time salary is about 5000USD do I need to negotiate more. I have same experience as you having and currently working in Dubai since 3 years and have been multiple countries. Please let me know what would be best salary for Telecom Manager profile if having 7 year experience in telecom core network operations.

Seeking your reply.

Hi eataman and all ,

I am also from india, and next month i am going to move myanmar yangon. As saw your salary my salary is nothing they offering me 1100 USD $ plus providing accommodation. Will you please tell me is that enough for survey and saving ?

I have 4 yr experience in Software development. Is this offer fine for me or not? please let me know friends. It will be really helpful if i get any response on this.

Not bad

Hi all, would be great to know as well how much will it cost to rent a decent 1 bedroom apartment at downtown area, preferably near strand road. Cheers.

Yes good package

US$3500 plus accommodation

$5000 plus transport, accommodations, medical insurance, bonus is good package

Hi Guys,
Salary of 4500USD is ok to live in Yangon? I have to manage everything on my own, transport/internet/stay/insurance. How much can I save?
I will have to manage my own flight tickets as well.

That is actually a REALLY good compensation packet...cost of living is really low too. You'll be able to save! :)

The accommodation cost is high, so in my view if they supply for accommodation, the offer is not bad,can save money,but the cost for eating is up to you,if you can eat simple, more you can save. Just my view. 😊

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