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Hello,, my name is E. Lestari.. want to move in Australia..

Hello everybody,
my name if Flavio, I'm 37 and I'm from Italy.
I'm considering to move to Australia so I'm applying for a Permanent Visa (still don't know exactly which one since I'm waiting for my IELTS results).
I'm an experienced self-employed civil engineer (10+ years) specialized in structural engineer and precisely in seismic engineer.
My application for a visa will start soon if everything goes straight, thus I'm looking around for job opportunities in my field.

Check Regulation and Justice in Melbourne they are always looking for Psychologist!

I am Winnie, I am from Dar es Salaam Tanzania...I am looking for a job in Australia. I would love to love in Australia.
My regards,

Hello I am Can from Turkey. I am planning to migrate Australia in 2018. I am survey engineer. I am married have a 5 year old son. I get my skilled assessment and hope to get a permanent visa soon.


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I am Australian and have returned home to the Gold Coast to live after living for 3 years in Colombia

hi all,

i am a professional wedding photographer now based in Adelaide. From Singapore.


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I'm Paul .I wish to come and stay their work and study too.
But the think is that I don't much about how is ,Australia is?
I'll love to come.if I found one of those opportunities.

Thank you
Regard p.m siyesu


My name is Sri Lestari. I currently live in Jakarta. I am planning to move to Australia and constantly looking for Indonesian teaching opportunities there.


Talk about where to start?!

Basically I have no idea - Is there a link to a list of bullet points that can talk me through moving to Oz to live and work from A-Z?

I've friends in Sydney and basically it's time to make the step whilst I still have hope (optimism has all but evaporated but there's always hope right?).

I've worked with racehorses for the last ten years having been a sports journalist before that.

I say this with a degree of shame but I had a book published in 2016 (with some success) and I'm keen to pursue that avenue in the future. There are a few problems regarding this though....

I have no tangible qualification (skill) to boast of on an application form - how do I go about the whole Visa thing?

That aside, I'm single with no dependants and I'm not skint at present.

Nor am I well off but I'm determined to make a change and, as I say, there's always hope.

Therefore, if anyone can point a slightly scatterbrained but easily committed individual in the right direction, all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi all - my name is Pam, I'm 65 and have been in Australia for 3 years or so.  I came here from London to join my daughter, husband and grand daughter as I have no family left in the UK.    I have to admit that it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, leaving my close knit circle of old chums, a great job and a lovely visa took 22 months to arrive and finally I made the leap.  I always considered myself very independent and able to sort myself out of any situation but I have to admit this is hard.................hard to make new friends, hard to get a job and hard for someone from the northern hemisphere to tolerate 40 degrees!!  lol!  I have a lovely house in Bella Vista, NSW, a car and a lovely family and am third parent to my grand daughter........still a big gaping hole in my life though and that's some friends with similar interests. 

I love a good laugh and have a highly developed sense of humour, I love cooking so at the moment only do that for my family.   I am great homemaker with a eye for interior design, I keep myself slim(ish), fit(ish) and love nice clothes and look after myself generally.  I like gardening and have created a little haven in my back yard.  Other interests include reading (Ken Follet at the moment), cinema, eating out, visiting galleries and museums, natural history (my hero is David Attenborough), social history.......lots of things too numerous to mention or just a mooch around a new town.

Been to Australia 3 different times and would love to move there. I'm an American financial professional seeking professional/business/social contacts.**

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new to this forum.

I'm currently in Canada with hubby who is dual Australian/Canadian citizen. Waiting for partner visa to migrate to Australia. We are both professionals but I fear with no Australian experience we won't find employment.

No idea where to start. I get discouraged at times. But first step is done....lodging the visa

Are there any Canadians on this board who made the move to Australia?

Hi all,

I'm Gina, I came from the Philippines but I'm now living in Hong Kong for about 5 years. The reason why I wanted to join this forum is to know more about Australia. I've been there for a business twice and I think there are so many things I've missed. I am also planning to migrate to Australia soon. I am looking forward to speaking with you about Australia and Travel things.

Thank you

Hello everyone!
I am Jordan, I'm 23 and French. I'd like to work in Australia for a year. I've found Cairns to be quite an attractive location for me espacially since I'm working in the hospitality industry, so I am thinking such a touristic place will have work for me hopefully! I may actually stay depending on how the first year goes and if I can get the visa.
If anyone has experiences to share about the place, job hunting or living in Australia in general, that would be great, thanks in advance!

Thank you for the community here, found much info already from the guides and forum!!

Hie, i am Blessings, studying Bachelors in Tourism Management, i would like to have an opportunity working in cruise ships in Austraria


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