Taxation for German passport holders

Hello everyone,

the forum was very helpful providing useful information concerning taxes. Thank you for that. However, I'd like to know what German passport holders experienced? I have the following questions:

- German expats who stay longer than 182 days in Cambodia shall pay 20 % of their salary as income tax, right? So I understand, that no double taxation applies? i.e. Germans don't pay taxes in Germany if they don't own a house/apartment in Germany?
- Does your employer in Cambodia withdraw the taxes from your salary automatically prior to paying you the salary?

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Hi me!,

No double taxation, only on income you have in Germany.

I have worked in Cambodia for 9 years and my salary was always net and after taxes.



Thank you, Hanno! Wow, very cool that you stayed in Cambodia for 9 years!

Been in South East Asia for 22 years;-)

22 years is great, Hannostamm.
Do you still have to submit an annual tax declaration to Germany?  Is it common to state the Cambodian income in your tax declaration?

I do not submit a tax declaration and there is no need to as far as I am aware.

Ok, thank you.

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