KITAS and KITAS renewal - marriage to Indonesian Spouse

A quick query to my expat friends. I am married to an Indonesian citizen and reside in Surabaya. I am part way through the KITAS process (I'm in Penang now with vitas in hand).
1. What is the cost of the SDMP? My last one cost 300.000 but many say it's free.
2. I am also planning my KITAS renewal (yes- planning way ahead of time). Would like to DIY- any advice for Surabaya residents? Or perhaps a list of required documents?
3. We have 2 children so we're not concerned about Immigrasi visits except them tripping over toys 😊
4. I'm thinking of working on an online business, is this permissible with family KITAS?
5. Any reputable Agents in the area? We are using Emerhub in Jakarta but I'm open to local options if my DIY is a dismal fail.
Note to everyone- I just used the Penang Consulate to obtain the vitas- the service was excellent - I was there about 30 minutes total time for delivery and pick up of the passport. Most of the time was spent writing the official application available at the help desk.  Great service for expats and a awesome place to visit whilst waiting for the 1 day delivery of the vitas.

Hope you can help with my queries. Many thanks in advance 😊

just replying to point # 4 ;
as far as I know, as long as you are paid out of Indonesia, no problem...
Basically: to make any money here you need a working Permit...

Thanks Sed, much appreciated.  I often troll the Jakarta Post and see numerous foreign persons (not expats) detained/arrested/deported for visa infractions. Being a committed father and husband I don't really do "in custody" very well. Thanks for the information- cheers

Wife sponsored second KITAS is generally pretty easy to do yourself, more so if you have kids in that marriage.
Immigration are pretty clued up and will hardly bother looking at you unless something draws their attention.
Any business that is based in Indonesia will mean you should have a work permit but online with no income here won't be an issue as you aren't taking work from an Indonesian but you are bringing foreign cash into Indonesia and spending it locally.
No one is going to object to that but keep it quiet and never give anyone any details of anything more than you just do a bit of this and that and your money comes from home.

Thanks Fred. Much appreciated for the response. Am looking forward to actually doing the next application DIY (and being able to provide good feedback to others in this blog).  I've actually found immigrasi pretty good and user friendly, although I'm privy to the darker adventures of others.  Cheers

The nonsense in the papers only reflect those getting caught with journalists at hand or when the immigration dept. want to prove a point. Westerners with families are not often touched because they have done the process correct and immigration know this and also respect them for sticking with the family.

Agreed- another 3 caught today in Jakarta today (2017-5-20). To be honest I carry all docs when I'm in jakarta and only got stopped once near Halim Airport. Once the docs were produced they were fine and courteous- on my way within minutes. Not so fortunate for the dude behind me who had overstayed his VOA. His problem though- most expats here online seem pretty clued up and happy to help others to do things the right way.

There goes the big trick.
Be honest with immigration and potential problems disappear. I've seen people rant and rave, moan and complain at immigration officers and get nothing for their trouble.
I see others walk in with a smile and a nice attitude and get help like you wouldn't believe.
Let's be right, would you want a trouble maker walking into your office and giving you a headache?
Neither do they, so be nice to the guys and make their long hard days a little better.
Being nice works wonders.

Agreed Fred- totally. Had no trouble at Immigrasi WAru (Surabaya) with courtesy and respect. I do hear a lot of peeps say it's complicated and the goal posts move-  but that's life.  I will admit my pregnant wife takes cake to the Civil Registry and although it seems to work- I leave it to her to do the cake thing 😊

No bribes are ever accepted at immigration since the big clean up, but I have to admit making sure a nice meal is available to them on the odd occasion they've done a home visit - "Odd", meaning once.
I've no business at my local place for a while but I like the guys so I might just pop up with a little snack or spagbol for them.
You wouldn't believe how helpful they've been and they've never asked for a penny in bribes so I don't think a few lads having lunch together will be seen as a bribe.

As a note, a home visit also means a visit to the local offices, RT, RW and so on to make sure you're being honest.
Daft, they are not so they can spot a fake at a hundred yards.

Just an update- went to WAru Immigrasi today (Surabaya) to transfer over to the family KITAS- they asked for the online registration printout for the vitas. Not sure if this is new but after getting your vitas you need to log it online at (scroll to vitas registration) and print a copy of the email that is auto generated to your nominated email account. The website is printed on the bottom of the approval telex from Jakarta. Our bad not to read more carefully however we completed it onsite and immigrasi were very helpful. Also the MERP (multiple entry) was auto included but they did say this may not be the case at different offices throughout the country. The latest fee for the KITAS transfer is 2.055 million rupiah which includes the prints and photo. Hope this update helps others. Cheers to WAru office for great service 👌🏻

Hi Dave,
Yes Malaysia has excellent Immigration services. Even the indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur provides excellent service and advice. Great its smooth sailing all the way for you.

I live in Singaraja with a retirement kitas which has to be renewed every year at a fee of 10,000,000 IDR. Is there any way this could done at a lower rate? I have been to Immigration and they say I have to work through and agent and can not Diy.

I'm pretty sure you need an agent as a sponsor for that type of KITAS  however there are more qualified people on here to best answer. Shouldn't take too long for the troopers to see your question and provide a detailed response. My only advice is to shop around and get a composite of quotes that best suit your purpose. I'm using Emerhub who are jakarta based and would rate as average as we reside in Surabaya (most of the agents here didn't return our call).  My next plan is to KITAS DIY as a personal challenge for the family KITAS renewal as my wife is considered the sponsor (as different from your class of document) and the immigrasi here are very user friendly.

Supervan :

I live in Singaraja with a retirement kitas which has to be renewed every year at a fee of 10,000,000 IDR. Is there any way this could done at a lower rate? I have been to Immigration and they say I have to work through and agent and can not Diy.

Retirement visas must go through an approved agent.
Immigration should be able to supply a list so shop around and see what price you can get.

retirement ..kitas,,,no DIY...u need a sponser..who is registered to do this kitas..cheers,

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