Daycare in Khobar

Hello everyone,

My name is Muriel I come from France.
I am looking for daycares in Khobar for my 12months old son. I would like him to enroll in september so he would be 16 months by then. It would be great if he could stay till 3PM
Any recommendation? Thank you

i have personally no idea but i have seen good ads in
regarding Khobar Childcare

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I live next to a school called Dhahran buds, I'm new here so I don't have much info about it but they have a website and instagram you can get some info on!
I have a 12 month old boy also who is bored from sitting home since we moved here.
If your interested in setting up a play date/coffee date that would be fun!

Hi you guys,
Same senario applies to me. My daughter is now 14 months, her and I are very bored from staying at home. If both of you are interested let's arrange a play date and chat over coffee or whatever.

Hey Ateam yeah that sounds great! I'm going stir crazy sitting at home and baby could totally benefit from making a friend lol
Let's arrange something!

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