Playgroup for babies?

Hi all,
I recently moved to Khobar from Bahrain (lived there 10 years) and I have a 1 year old boy who is getting fed up with being home all day, does anyone have any info about baby playgroups in khobar or dammam?
Thanks in advance


I lived in Bahrain for a couple years, then left  back to Canada to have my daughter (10 months old) I will be in Saudi by the end of this month. We could start are own little playgroup/momsgroup, if none are available. Let me know if you’re interested!

Aw fab that sounds awesome! I think it's so needed as I haven't been able to find many, Bahrain had tons as well so I'm surprised! Is it Khobar your moving to?

Yes, khobar. I don’t  think we quite found a place yet but that’s the area we are aiming for.

Great let me know when ur here and settled in, we can go for coffee :)

Hi, we also moved to Khobar , my baby girl is 1,2 .  Searching for some activities , how to spend fun  time with baby . If you have started the group , plz let me now.  Thank you )

You can call *** if you are looking for a structured playgroup for your child.

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